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  1. Oh wow! I had no idea breakfasts could be so good! Thank you for these amazing recipes.

  2. I make Impossible Pie (courtesy of a Bisquick recipe my Mom always made). Coconut custard that makes its own crust. That is a tradition I have taken with me. The boys helped me this Thanksgiving to make it which was a first. 🙂 The youngest does not eat it but loves to help make it, go figure. Norman Rockwell moments past were always found in the minutes and anticipation of going downstairs Christmas morning. The boys have to wait so we can all head down together. Thank you for the recipes.

    1. Oh I love that Laura!! thank you for commenting! 🙂 I would love to hear the recipe for that coconut custard!?
      And yes, the anticipation of Christmas morning is pretty hard to beat. Love it. (our home now has a living room in the middle and everyone enters from the different sides…It makes it hard to gather before the big moment!

      1. I will send the recipe on to you. Super easy!

  3. Monica,

    Super fun that you included me in your breakfast roundup! Whoop! 🙂 You’re one of my fave family-blogs to follow, and I’ve shared your “raising boys” links with all my boy-mama friends. Have a wonderful Christmas season with alltheboys!

    1. Oh Wow Amy– that is so great. Thank you for sharing my posts! I’m all subscribed over at yours too now. Love what you share and your heart! XO