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  1. Teddi Hester says:

    Why is it that Bidda’s Icelandic pancakes always were so much better than my Swedish pancakes, when the recipes are exactly the same? Could it be that they’re in triangles instead of rolled?, or served cold instead of hot?, or maybe its just the whipped cream!! Whatever, I’m with you, they’re a treat, & certainly stir up great memories.

  2. This was such a need thing for me to see and read amazing that you remember all of this that gave me such a plesure to make my little girls compfy cocy and make you both happy,you dont know how much it did for me. I love you talk and feel how much it did for you also,and so Happy To be your other mother is Huge for me.Just remember not to put any sugar in the whipping cream if you use preserve in pönnukökuna,makes to sweet.I am so proud of you to do this,Love you my little girl.

  3. Melissa K says:

    I want to eat those right now. That looks so delicious.

    1. haha–I’m not kidding. When there is a plate of these in the room, every bit of self controls goes out the window. I just grab and eat in like three bit fluffy wonderful bites.
      Try em! 🙂

  4. So actually whip up the whipping cream first? Is that what I am seeing in the pictures.

    1. oops–Yeah, I probably should have clarified…:) Thanks Sandy! I’ll edit that. ALOHA!

  5. Ohhhh…My mom will smile all day with this post! We were both so blessed to have mommy back ups. I often thank God for your mamma. Two beautiful women who loved us freely and WHO COULD COOK A MEAN PANCAKE! :O)

    Amen sister!

  6. Mmm these look so yummy! Can’t wait to have my boys help me with them 🙂