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  1. Sara Mirtaheri says:

    I sure could use this since I’m a teacher of nineteen. Fourteen kindergarten boys and five girls. My goal: keep Christ in every moment of each day, and keep the holidays full of life!

    Thanks for everything you do!

  2. Relaxation massage sounds amazing!!

  3. Shared on Facebook-Ashleigh George from Georgia 🙂

  4. I would go for stress relief and healing 🙂 My husband and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary in February and if I win this it just might cinch our decision about where to go to celebrate 🙂

  5. Kathryn Mayger says:

    A rejuvenating massage would be amazing. We are currently holidaying in Hawaii from Australia and will be on the North Shore from the 19th – 22nd of December. To win this would be so very special. Aloha!

  6. To fully relax and enjoy the start of our honeymoon – what better way to start married life 🙂

  7. 😍amazing.

    I’ve been wanting/needing a massage in my life.. For stress relief, relaxation, body pain/stiffness, and just to calm
    my ever-so-busy-sometimes-I-forget-I-can-say-no self! 😅☺️

  8. Share on Instagram (Maaa_love), Facebook (Robin Alotis), and pininterest!!

    I really would L❤️VE to win!!!

    1. Hey Robin! 🙂 LOVE seeing you here…Hope to see you in person this season…:)
      XO Thanks for hopping in!

      1. Hi Monica!!
        Am I the Robin A that won?!?!?! I just can’t believe it!!! <3

        1. Yes you are!!! I was so excited when I saw your name come up!! You are so deserving…
          Email me at: [email protected] and I’ll get you all hooked up! XO

  9. pepper bunting says:

    mine would be sports/ stress relief 🙂 since moving to HI I have become a full time mom of 3 and have been training for the xterra 21k that’s tmrw :)) so excited. this sounds amazing and wonderful just like you all!

    1. Wow– you do need some sports/stress relief! Way to go…that’s exciting! Hope the race goes great. XO

      1. thank you! since then, I ran the 21k and Honolulu marathon!! all about getting out there and doing it!! thank you!!!

  10. ALL of the above!!! I haven’t had a massage in over 10years! Would LOVE the experience at NALU spa!!! Sounds amazing!!!!

  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhmazing!!!!! My goal would definitely be to “be still”, breathe deeply & drift into a semi-conscious state of pure relaxation 😊

    1. haha…Yes. I love that. Love to you my friend! –

  12. I would love to enjoy a rejuvenating massage!

  13. Stress relief would be lovely!

    1. That’s right–and you’ll actually be here soon too, right!? 🙂 Yay!! xoxox

  14. Catherine G says:

    My goal would be stress relief and sports recovery. I injured injured my shoulder when I was a teenager playing sports, and unfortunately that is where I carry my stress now. Shared on Twitter (godingc).

  15. Janelle Hester says:

    Personally I would take anything that I can get but when I am in Hawaii my goal is relaxation so that is what kind of message I would want 🙂

  16. Katherine says:

    Lovely!! Rejuvenation so I can enjoy the holidays and my family after a short break 🙂

  17. Teresa Eskew says:

    I shared on Facebook. Teresa Eskew

  18. Teresa Eskew says:

    This would be amazing!!! We will be staying in turtle bay in May and the spa most likely won’t be in my budget so a few hours of relaxation and massage to relieve the stresses from studying and sports would be such a wonderful gift. I love the idea of being able to slowly come out of the massage session to the real world pace. It can be a jolt to the system after a massage when you have to get up and move at regular pace immediately Thank You for this chance.

  19. Lori Larrison says:

    Thank you Nalu Spa for sharing the aloha.
    I would choose all the above.
    My goal is to be present.
    Whether you’re receiving a massage or spending time with family and friends, remain present. Make memories instead of thinking about your never ending to do list.

    Mahalo – Aunty Lori

  20. I would have given it to my mom, but her visit will be over by the time you do the drawing. So I’ll give it to my neighbor who just had a baby! Maybe I can babysit while she’s getting pampered. Mahalo!

  21. So.. I’m with you , loving the combo of firm hands and a gentle touch in a massage, usually Swedish. With the crazy long hours and my old age I feel like I’m always needing a massage these days!
    I’d be honored to get this huge blessing!
    Thanks Monica for sharing a new experience and the possibility of trying it.

  22. Ohh, yes please! Can I say that my goal would be just relaxation? It sounds heavenly!

  23. I really like your blog! Lots of good stuff here. Nice give away too! It would be a great stress reliever for any working mom!

  24. Oh sounds fabulous! My goal would be to not only relax my body mentally and physically but also spiritually and I would lay their soaking in quiet time with Jesus so I can come back a better my for my 4 kiddos.

  25. Wow! What an incredible giveaway! I would love the opportunity to relax and refresh! I also have some major back kinks after baby #3 so it would be great to have those worked on!

  26. Alicia jolley says:

    Sounds perfect for the holiday season! My goal would be to destress and relieve some tension in my back!

  27. Venessa sumpter says:

    I want to win!!!! Goal would be to RELAX and unwind from my three kids. Of course I love them…of course. But 2 hours away alone getting a massage would be amazing.

  28. Stress relief, rejuvenation, peace…we came to Hawaii this year hoping to find all of these things and a treat like this at my favorite resort would be a dream come true. Sharing on FB and Ig. ❤️

  29. All of the above, please! It’s been quite the year for our family – giving birth to twins boys in April, homeschooling our two other children (6 & 3 year old) & starting a business! This would be incredible way to end 2015 & revive me for all that 2016 has to offer! Sharing in FB & IG

  30. Donna mccoy says:

    Would love the knots in my upper back rubbed out. So stiff.

  31. shannon Bright says:

    All of the above please! My goal is to do something for myself this holiday season. Sharing on Facebook

  32. Heather T. says:

    Sounds ahhhh-mazing! My goal would definitely be stress relief!