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  1. I’m trying to make more fun, healthy recipes and I love these! I was wondering though, will cows milk work for the green smoothie or do you think it’ll disrupt the flavor?

    1. Yes cow’s milk is just fine!! 🙂 So glad you came across these. Hope you enjoy!

  2. 5 stars
    I really appreciate the simplicity and ease of your smoothie recipes. My five-year-old and two-year-old just consumed a cup of spinach each, thanks to your Green Smoothie recipe. It was delicious! Thank you!

    1. So glad to hear that11 thank you Mia! 🙂 Much aloha–

  3. 5 stars
    I love smoothies. We live by them as well. They are one of the best ways to get fruits and veggies into picky eaters. Our favorite smoothie is similar to yours. We’ve settled on some definite brands and ingredients. Plus, I started using yogurt in almost all of them to really pump up the probiotics my son was getting, as he really needs them. https://roheryndesign.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/abundant-life-smoothie-dec-2013/

    In the colder months, we find ourselves wanting something more creamy, so another favorite is to use the same protein and supplements listed in the Abundant Life Smoothie with the other ingredients being yogurt (amazing tang added that you really need to round out the flavors), peanut butter, ice, strawberries, and stevia to taste. The protein simply changes from vanilla to chocolate, and everyone swears they just got dessert for breakfast. 🙂

  4. Mmm! Can’t wait to try these combinations! My morning smoothie has morphed so much over time into something kinda quirky. I use about 2 cups Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond/Coconut milk blend (the one that says 60 calories), a dash of flax seed, a couple teaspoons of raw cacao powder, 1 scoop of cookies and cream flavored Spiru-Tein , a shot of espresso (!) , and whatever frozen fruit I have–strawberries, pineapple, etc…maybe 1 cup of frozen fruit. Blend for 1 minute–and voila you’ve got your morning coffee, protein, energy and vitamins! And a taste that is…well…sweet, mocha, fruity….all t once!

    1. Holy Cow Wendy–that is quite a mix! 🙂 haha…I would never judge it till I try it, but I do have to give you credit for getting it all in one big drink! Love your style!

  5. Aye carumba, that green goodness is calling to me. If only we had fresh papaya here…maybe I’ll just pop over to the island for breakfast. 😛

    1. Indeed, you should! You’d fit in quite well around here my friend! aloha 🙂

  6. Catherine says:

    What is your favorite protein powder?

    1. The only protein-type powder I ever use is the Juice Plus Complete. And that is more of a whole-food based shake mix with 13 grams water-washed soy protein which I’ve read is the very best…:) Since we aren’t looking for like “bulk-up” protein, this is a great balanced mix for us and it also has fruit and veggie powders in it (that you can’t taste) so I feel good sneaking that in to my boys drinks as well. 🙂 XO Aloha!

  7. I actually appreciate these recipes! They all sound delicious! I love a good tried and true smoothie and I like that yours don’t have a long list of ingredients.