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  1. Are you using sweetened or unsweetened shredded coconut?

    1. In this recipe it was sweetened. I am sure it would be just as good unsweetened though, so if you try it, let me know. 🙂 Thanks for asking–Sorry I didn’t mention! Aloha

  2. This sounds delicious! If I’m feeling bold I may try almond butter as a variation. Always looking for yummy, healthy recipes because my son is a picky eater. Luckily he loves fruit and yogurt so I try to serve that a lot for breakfast. And I love fruit, yogurt and granola together so our family will enjoy this, thanks!

  3. Elsa Cothary says:

    I started serving only whole foods from day one with my girls. My daughters preschool teacher was surprised that my daughters favorite food was oatmeal. We make it with dried fruit, fresh fruit, peanut butter, yogurt even chocolate soy milk. I think the boxed stuff is a waste of money and full of sugar. The only kind I buy is puffed rice, etc. full fiber and organic. I have to admitt I buy pre made granola, and it is a treat. I think feeding kids junk is so wrong, but once in a while they need to indulge. I don’t have as big a family as you though.

  4. Melissa K says:

    Your post made me chuckle. (How Dave suggested this new experiment and then went to work!) Nick has done similar things like taking away all screen time as a punishment on a hot summer day. Then goes to work. And I am left with very unhappy boys for an entire day. haha?

    Is Josiah cooking yet? I bet he could make everyone a hot breakfast. And then knowing him, he would clean the kitchen! 🙂

    1. Nick? Really?…nahhh. hahah! Maybe I should have added “men these days.” 🙂
      Actually Jonah and Luke can both cook a few breakfast items…and they do pretty often lately. I just need to wake them up a bit earlier, ha…and then I need to get Josiah in there to clean it up! 🙂

  5. At first I cheered when my sons FINALLY started eating cold cereal. You see, for good eaters in general, my boys turned their noses up at cereal, toast, oatmeal,eggs, pancakes, waffles and bagels. Weird kids asked for dinner left overs and sandwiches for breakfast. Yogurt , smoothies, and kefir were our breakfast champions. Oh, and fruit.
    Now, fast forward a few months to when my oldest started before school care- a program that has tasty treats like cinnamon toast crunch. Great big sigh… my cheerios and rice krispies don’t hold the same allure. The boys want things like Lucky Charms ( where did they even try those?) and I want to avoid feeding my kids what I think should be dessert for breakfast.
    So, our love affair with cold cereal has ended. I’m not that mean, though. They can pick ANY cereal they want… once a year on vacation; eaten as dessert.
    Now, if we are EVER out of yogurt and kefir at the same time- watch out!

  6. Monica, Oh how thankful I am to read this post. My boys are like yours and think they might die if there was no cold cereal in our house. And it IS TOTALLY too expensive and less than healthy for them…so, I am going to give your delicious looking recipe a go. I can’t wait to try it. We went gluten free a year ago so I know they CAN give up certain types of food. It’s just not always an easy process. But once we get through it, life does goes on. Thank you so much for this post and for sharing your recipe. I’ve been bothered lately by our morning breakfast routine. You’ve encouraged me to take the plunge and create a healthier cold cereal substitute for the store cereal they’ve all been eating.

    Love Megan

  7. Alison Stansifer says:

    Good Morning-
    My son does eat cold cereal but I will only buy cereals with less than 9-10 grams of sugar like Kashi. My son ( who is 12
    And type1 diabetic ) always makes his own breakfast. He can cook his own eggs, turkey sausage,omelette a with cheese, taster waffles( Kashi) Greek yogurt with granola or cereal, eggs in low carbs wraps…. The list is as infinite as his imagination. This morning he had two waffles with sugar free syrup and a protein shake. If he does eat cereal he puts a protein shake on it for the “milk” because is really just. Bowl of carbs without…. Happy Birthday to Levi!!!

  8. I do enjoy a good cold cereal here and there, But usually I head down to the hospital cafeteria for breakfast, or I skip. I know, I know, its bad.

    But I also like making up a big batch of pancakes and throwing them in the fridge so I can reheat as I need.