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  1. Loved the episode! Is there a place the 7 ways are listed? Tried taking notes but missed a few

    1. Thank you Jessica!! Thank you for listening and glad it was helpful! And –Oh…I’l try to go back and add those to the notes. Thank you for grace! 🙂
      XO Monica

  2. Rachel Baluha says:

    Thank you for all the homeschool info on this blog. I’m going to homeschool for the first time this year because of the pandemic. I have a Kindergartener, 4th and 8th grader. We’re considering ABeka but it’s expensive. Also, considering Monarch. I saw in an older post that Luke used monarch. Did you end up liking it or scrapping it for something else? Big decisions to make over the next month!

    1. Hey Rachel! Yay, good for you!! You are gonna do great!! 🙂 Abeka is expensive but at least they offer a monthly payment plan! (:) We use that!) And it is still way cheaper than private schools! Monarch was honestly NOT my favorite. It does the job, for sure, but as the teacher/homeschool mom, I felt really out of touch with what my kids were doing. With ZERO paperwork or books/tests etc. that I could look at easily, it was easy for me to not even check on their work…and the online part was just hard for me to connect to. I have friends who used Monarch and really loved it, and like I said — it does the job…my son felt like he learned some in it, but it was probably my least favorite of all of the curriculums. You might check out a curriculum called the Good and the Beautiful. I’ve heard great things about it and I think it is less pricey! Good luck to you whatever you do and please keep me posted! xo

  3. Thank you for this! I love doing math and everyday problem solving with my children.

  4. Christina says:

    I love History and exploring that subject with my children!