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  1. Number 10 – A book! (yours included; must re-read!)

  2. How about God? And His merciful love through the ransom of Jesus so that we can share the Good News through our actions and words. When this is authentically realized, thinking about food will become more about serving and sharing food to others rather than obsessing about food for ourselves.

    1. Good one, Pat! 🙂 And it should have easily made top 20, haha!! Thank you! Aloha-

  3. Great list, Monica!
    My personal favorite not on your list is foreign language study – if I have some free time I pull out my flashcards, or hop on a language-learning website for a quick lesson. Then I try to practice what I’ve learned!

    1. Oh I love that Janine! I think I gave up on the idea of learning a foreign language sometime around college, haha, but that is certainly a great distractor! 🙂