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  1. I have boys 7 and 3. I love both stages right now. My 7 year old ask non stop questions. He loves to learn and teach his little brother the things he is learning. I loved this episode so much. I bought Jessica’s book after hearing this episode! I can’t wait to read it!

  2. My boys are still toddlers, but I loved listening to this for the future and letting them be little!!

    1. So glad!! Enjoy enjoy. (and hang in there — it’s not easy! :)) XO

  3. I love this stage! My son Is still Innocent, Curious, Silly, and needs a mama hug everyday.

  4. Christina says:

    I love how excited they become when they learn how to read and the world opens up to them!

  5. We are in the elementary years here and when school went virtually due to the pandemic I really got to know my boys as learners. Their individual learning style allows their personalities to shine through. A very eye opening experience for me!

  6. I’m totally new to podcasts.. But as I sat and listened, while my 2 little boys played this morning, you made my heart smile and had a few happy tears too. You’re a blessing to me while I’m on the “mom struggle-bus” 🚎

    1. oh that means so much to me!! Thank you Corrie!! xo

  7. Yolanda Matthew says:

    My favorite part of the elementary years were reading time. As a homeschooling family, the library is a fantastic resource. We would fill a large tote bag with lots of books and would spend the afternoon reading together with a snack/treat. I believe that my kids (now 14 and 17) are avid readers because of our reading time.

    1. awesome!! Thank you Yolanda!! Those are some of my favorite memories too. (Though I was terrible at returning books to the library on time! :)) Big hugs to you!

  8. Loved this! My sister told me that our friend, Hope Mayo, was such a good mom and that she let her boys be boys. That has stayed in my memory for years and now I have my own little guy and I have to constantly remind myself to let him be a kid even if that means he’s soaking wet after playing a puddle (or his water cup) or tootin’ around the house having a blast and using his imagination. I definitely want to pick this book up as we prepare to enter preschool years (and soon secondary!). Thanks Monica!