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  1. Christina says:

    How do you combine your ABEKA and IEW for your boys? Especially for Levi?

  2. Michelle Byrd says:

    We like to swim and go to the beach. Especially when we visit family down in San Diego or Florida this summer!

  3. Kristie Kimmel says:

    We have a small rectangular blow up swimming pool that we are in at least once a day (except for the days I’m cleaning it)! If any local public pools open up we’ll take advantage of that too!

  4. I love this podcast! I just listened to the latest episodes with #59 and #60. We have two boys and a girl who all love to read, and both of our boys who hate to write.

    Thank you for such wonderful podcast topics! I am also an alumni for Westmont College, so I am thrilled to hear your son is there and thriving.

  5. We are in Florida so going to the beach is ALWAYS on our list. Really anything outside that includes water. Otherwise it’s just too hot and humid here. I’m excited to check out Surface since I have yet to find my dream sunscreen. Thanks for all you do!

  6. Hi Monica!

    I absolutely love your podcast and your book! I have 3 boys and we live in Florida. We are going to visit my father-in-law in Lake Ozark, MO at the end of July. We’ll have a week filled with boating, tubing, fishing, bonfires, and much more. My boys look forward to this week every summer, especially because there are no gators in Missouri lakes! : )

  7. Hi Monica- really enjoy your podcast! Fun summer activity for us here in the Pacific Northwest is camping. You grew up here right? So you know how precious summer is!

    1. Yes and yes!! I really miss the PNW this time of the year…we are considering a visit later this summer. enjoy!! 🙂

  8. Jessi Hilton says:

    We’re mountain bikers and plan to keep at it all summer long. When we get home it’s onto the wakeboard or lazily floating around in our lake.

    1. I love mountain biking– haven’t done it in years but would love to get back into it! 🙂

  9. Seeing as its Aussie Winter here. Lots of snuggling, imagination station books, superbook Videos (thats just the one day of winter we get Here hahaha) Other winter days (your summer) we will be out hiking, bmx tracks and beach picnicking On weekends 🙂

    1. Awww, sounds wonderful to me! 🙂 (Are Imagination Station books related to Adventures in Odyssey?– if so I need to find them!!) XO

  10. Kristi Belt says:

    We will get out and hike as much as we can once more of the regional parks are open (we live in Washington state)! Cannot wait for the sun to come out consistently so that we can spend as much time as possible out in it before the rain starts again in the fall!

  11. We are planning, and have already been, going to our local pool all summer!

  12. We plan to do some surfing at our local beach break a lot this summer!

  13. Brenda Bartelt says:

    We are hoping to take a trip with family friends down to the Keys for a few days (we’re in Orlando).

  14. We are planning on (and have already begun!) lots of sunny day swimming, stand up paddling and picnic-ing all summer long!

  15. My family and I plan to spend as many of days possible at the beach soaking in the sun. We also hope to enjoy camping, and outdoor picnics.

  16. Christina says:

    Kayaking on the river! My boys love it!

  17. Anne-Marie Kelley says:

    Your funny thing about husbands at the end really cracked me up. We’ve had kids for 20 years, and my husband still does that!

  18. Our summer has been fun filled days and nights learning new talents with guitars and dirt bikes, hanging out and swimming with cousins, late night family soccer scrimmages, and just sitting around talking and bonding. Even though we’ve been quarantined we have still reached out to our community with volunteering at Hope To All where food boxes are given to anyone in need. Sunday’s and Wednesday church services have been on Facebook live , which my husband and I have had to learn. My Wednesday night class of girls (funny since I don’t have any daughters) have been getting on an app called Zooroom where we can see each other and read scripture together. Honestly my husband has reached more people by Facebook live than he thought he ever would. God is taking His hands off America, waiting for His people to cry out and all to repent. Prayers for our nation ❤️

  19. My son isn’t quite old enough to write but I’m putting this on my list! We were supposed to be visiting my family on Big Island for the next two weeks and would’ve been enjoying the sunshine and beach! But God had other plans (which we are also thankful for – we sold our house and are moving across town to help with a church plant!) and we are so thankful for His timing. So instead of the Pacific beach, we will be going to Myrtle Beach in SC in late July and I. Cannot. Wait!