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  1. I love your podcast and the encouragement you give for me to dig deeper to be more purposeful and meaningful in my parenting. In this particular episode, I was struck by your sons’ words and before you even mentioned that one is considering his own podcast, I had the thought that I’d love, love, love for there to be a truth-speaking heartfelt podcast from older boys to younger boys, encouraging them to be strong and focus on their own character development.

  2. I hate the morning rush too :(, I would love to sit down with my children and husband and have breakfast every day, take things slow, but unfortunately with early start times that is not possible. Well, during these times we certainly have lots of family bonding. Love the reading tips! I encourage all my children to read, I find that giving children freedom to choose what they want to read (age-appropriate) has always been helpful, but for my more resistant readers finding books for them that I know I will they will enjoy has (almost) never failed. My oldest is 13, and I was wondering what your thoughts are on more mature books? We are a Christian family with Christian values, but I believe that my children should be exposed to both Christian and non-Christian media (within reason).