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  1. Yay, this recipe looks awesome and perfect for an easy to make post-baby meal! It’s going on our menu this week.

    1. Amen, Urban Wife! This is going to be dinner for my husband’s BFF and his wife, who just had their first baby. 🙂 Cooking adventures ahoy!

    2. Oh I am so so SO happy for you and new baby!! I do hope this meal is a yummy healing meal for all of you! 🙂 God bless and sending aloha and hugs-

  2. We just returned from Arizona! My boys loved hiking and climbing. I was a fan of the pool and the desert flowers.Enjoy your trip.
    I make almost an identical dish, except no eggs. Can’t wait to try it with the eggs. Might hold together better….
    Pasta is the only dish I can make that I KNOW all will eat… Maybe hamburgers,too. My odd kiddos don’t like chicken strips, eggs or hot dogs.

  3. My kids love spaghetti! So one night we will have regular spaghetti, and then a few nights later we will do a “spaghetti bake” (similar to your recipe) with the leftovers!

  4. So, does this make it official? I am the only mom on the face of the earth who has a child who will not touch pasta in any shape or form? My 11-year-old son will not eat pasta – no spaghetti, no mac-n-cheese, no egg noodles… not a single bite! Same child won’t touch hot dogs, but he would eat hamburgers every meal of the week if he could. But then my youngest (age 3), who will eat just about everything, including spinach and broccoli… won’t touch a hamburger. Kids!

    1. So funny Jennifer–YES, you are the only mom on the face of the earth, haha!! Who knows, kids are just plain weird. 🙂 Hang in there and thanks for making me laugh! aloha-

    2. LeAnn Miller says:

      5 stars
      I know how you feel. All 3 of my now adult children still will not eat potatoes of any kind (most notably french fries) except mashed potatoes they would eat at every meal if they could. The only kids I’ve ever seen that would not eat a french fry (and all 3 of them none the less). Not even McDonalds…lol.

  5. Taco Tuesday is our favorite night!

  6. Monica,
    Will you be there through the weekend? It’s only a couple hours from here. Maybe we could c8me say hi?

    1. Aww, Kendall–Of course I thought of you guys from the start! I will text Teresa when I have a second…We have other family in town too, so my folks seem to have a pretty organized schedule (I just wanna lay by the pool, haha! ;)) But I’ll get in touch in case! aloha neighbor! (Wish I could come by and see YOUR new house! :))

  7. My boys have days they eat me out of house and home. Then there are days I think they may be training to be monks. They eat nothing. Like I don’t know how they are still alive. And no consistency. Makes me crazy! They eat the best and most when we have “snack plate,” which is cutting up a ton of fruits and veggies, turkey pepperoni, cheese and crackers. Usually fills to large plates and they consume it. At least they are getting the food groups that way!

    1. Great idea Paige! It’s true: Kids love to snack…I should work on that more with Levi! Aloha-

  8. My family has a favorite casserole(pasta baked dish) I have to make every week.
    I make it using leftover chicken from the night before. There’s cheese & artichokes & black olives, etc.
    Have fun in Arizona!!! 🙂

  9. 5 stars
    We just had spaghetti last night! I like to put my meat sauce on spaghetti squash. Its Delish!

      1. I sauté zucchini and have my meat sauce over that! It’s a no go for the kids, but I like it even more than pasta.