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  1. love this!!!1 thank you!

  2. I love this post. I have 2 classes I do at the gym every week and am trying to work in a third day that alternates between BARRE and Fit Club.

  3. I was just talking to one of my closest friends about this very thing today! What great timing to read your post! I value healthy eating and exercise so much… but lately, I haven’t been making myself as much of a priority as I need to. I’m getting back on track though… and found lots of encouragement in your message! For sure – consistency is key! Thanks, Monica! 😉

  4. Thanks Monica! Great post as always and so true in my experience too. Slow and steady wins the body race! 🙂 Hugs from Sydney xx

  5. I have no words of wisdom here but want to say thank you for this blog. I ALWAYS feel like I need to work out every day and never slip up in my eating and if I do slip I feel awful about myself. This message of moderation and consistency hit a chord. I think 3-4 times a week with normal healthy eating i can handle. Thank you for this . I needed to read it.

    1. Tania—Your comment makes me so happy. Seriously, if you can trust me on this one, you would be amazed. I switched from 5-6 days of working out to three in a short time, and my body didn’t change a bit! It’s amazing how we can think we “have to” do things, not realizing that our world really won’t fall apart if we don’t. Try backing off, staying consistent in your eating, and you’ll do just fine!!

  6. Get a Fitbit! (Or any accurate pedometer) I can’t believe how much it changed my life. It was eye opening at first to see how sedentary I really was and it became my goal to simply shift to a more active lifestyle. Just by walking more. My friends tease me sometimes (personally I think they’re just jealous!) because I’m always moving now, but I feel great! Talk about an easy change. I don’t walk fast, I just stopped sitting around. I walk around the bathroom while I’m brushing my teeth, walk around the downstairs while looking at the mail, etc. Unless it’s unavoidable, I rarely sit or just stand anywhere. It’s really easy!

  7. Perfect! I wrote about this topic for yesterday – I realistically knew that right after Christmas was just not going to be the time I was going to get moving. I’m going to keep this post handy – consistency is tricky to create for me.

    Warm Regards,

  8. Thank you for sharing! I agree that being consistent is the key. My father passed away almost a month ago, and I have been using that as an excuse for my 90/10 rule to move to a 50/50 rule. But I am back on track- ready to eat clean and exercise. Two things that make me feel happy and energized!

  9. I use the same key.
    I’m not quite as diligent, currently, with 4 workouts a week, but as far as food intake, moderation and consistent “carefulness” has led to weight control.

    Consistency is the sermon we moms need for everything!

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  10. Love this! I take an hour long bootcamp class with some ladies twice a week that I love. The teamwork and challenge is right up my alley. But I also know twice a week is my limit. I don’t look like my instructors who work out six days a week, but that’s ok. I consistently do it twice a week and it’s good for me. My husband and I did a whole30 diet in January that was really really hard. I won’t do it again but I did actually like breaking my sugar habit and plan on continuing with that most of the time. You have to find what works and be consistent. I agree!!