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  1. Hi Monica! Love your blog! I read your blog on a semi-frequent basis but have never commented. Anyways would you mind sharing a little bit about why you decided to homeschool? And the benefits/cons? What you and/or kids like about it? Sorry if you have wrote about this before… I have a 5 year old daughter who is supposed to start kindergarten this year and 2 year old twins and a baby on the way! We are considering homeschooling, at least for elementary school. God bless you and your family,

    1. Hi Barb! Thank you so much for the comment. I am putting together a podcast episode for next week which is all Q&A. I’m adding your question to my notes so please tune in next week for a more complete answer than I could give here. Blessings and big hugs!!

  2. Laura Hottenstein says:

    Thank you Monica. I am a middle school counselor that will be navigating my job in an unprecedented way. I am not sure how this will all end up looking but really feel my role is to concentrate on making sure my students and families are managing and emotionally doing well. My husband is a teacher. This should be interesting.

    As for us, one high schooler will be online at home. This is going to be challenging. Thank you for your reassurance. My college kiddo is on campus. His school is doing virtual but with dorms open. He has an on campus job and felt that going back to school was what he wanted to do. The adult decision was not easy for this mom. I am proud of him and he knows we are a small drive away.

    I have been holding on to the positives and looking as my community steps in. Hopefully we all remember to take this in and remember to slow down.

  3. Thanks so much Monica. Love your heart. Thankful to God for you. I have been agonising over the idea of homeschooling, (reading your blog) and after years of prayer my 5 year old son started mainstream school in Australia this year. However, clearly God wanted me to homeschool 😀 today with school closures imminent we have taken him out to start teaching him at home! God bless everyone as you spend more time together xx
    P.s. know of any good daily routine cards to print for kids?

    1. oh, thank you Jess!! And good for you — funny how God takes care of things and this will be a good chance to give homeschooling a try… I don’t know of any good routine cards, but I bet you’ll find more than a few on Pinterest… 🙂 If you do, let me know so I can pass them on!! XO

  4. Andrea Price says:

    We “escaped” to Oahu – any recommendations for teen boys here 🙂 Activities, food, etc? they both surf, I know the weathers not great today.

  5. You are a gift! Truly…..

  6. Carlee Neumann says:

    Thank you Monica! So well written.

  7. Cindy Johns says:

    Monica, you are an ocean of calm during a stormy time. Thank you for the helpful, positive post. You gently put things into perspective for everyone. Sending prayers for peace and health throughout the world. May we all take a moment of mindfulness and be considerate and thoughtful to those around us: our families, our neighbors, our communities. I wish you well!

  8. Thank you for sharing Monica. Praying for blessings, peace and health for your hubby and family as he serves the community…. and of course praying for more t.p. 😘

  9. Erin Mazel says:

    Beautifully positive. Thank you.

  10. Belinda Van De Griendt says:

    What a beautifully positive post about a really lousy situation. Well done for approaching this topic with wisdom, calm and common sense!
    Thank you, and blessings to you and yours, Monica and Dave.

  11. Penny Nakamura says:

    Fantastic post Monica! Thank you 🙏🏽 for your and Dr.Dave’s measured response.👍🏽.
    Still in SAfrica, where we haven’t been hit too hard yet (knock on wood🙏🏽). In church ⛪️ in Umshlanga Today There was no communion or offering plates being passed around, and instead Of handshakes and hugs 🤗 we got squirts of hand sanitizers 😉, I guess this is the new normal🤷🏻‍♀️! (But it was good to go and have the soul fed🙏🏽.)
    I loved your mention of Isaac Newton and his discoveries in the times of the Bubonic Plague. Brilliant post and a great reminder that we will get beyond this 🙏🏽. Thanks Monica! Be safe and stay healthy. Hugs 🤗 from a distance😉❤️, Penny

    1. Thank you, Penny! I have wondered how you are doing and so glad to hear you are well! Josiah comes home from Westmont this Friday, but his trip to S. Africa in May has not yet been cancelled. I’ll keep you posted!! Big hugs to you!