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  1. We started reading a cute science theme devotional called Indescribable this year and my kids all love it! Your youngest would enjoy it 🙂

  2. Tiffany August says:

    Hi Monica

    Thanks for all the resources!! Cant wait to checkout Dive and see how we like it 😉
    This past year we found a GREAT book I can’t reccomend enough, its called Boys on the Boat! One of my favorite books we have read as a family, it’s so good and a true story at that. It has so much history tied into it and shows how hard you had to work to get some where, it takes place during the great depression. Just a Great Great story…
    Your gonna love it!

  3. IMG_7276.JPG
    Author Cornelia Funk

  4. We do not homeschool – though have thought about it so much – but I’m still interested in the books you share. Our oldest will be starting 1st grade. I would love to read the Narnia series with him – do you think 1st grade is too young yet? Book suggestions for a 1st grader?

  5. Tammie Hodgson says:

    So my neighbor just recommended Double Play by Ben Zobrist. I am half way through and already know I will be reading it to my boys when they are ready. It is the best play by play of a biblical relationship, turned marriage, that you could hope to spell out for our Christian men. By the way, thank you for the Scott Hamilton recommendation. I actually read his first book by mistake and then ordered Winning First. His first book The Great Eight was a good read as well.

  6. Oh wow, we used Abeka also. Many thought we were taking on too rigorous a curriculum as two working parents that homeschooled, but we both loved the organized nature of the curriculum. We would ask the kids to give us their opinion every year and they grudgingly felt Abeka challenged them the most. Although, we tried many other curriculum as supplements. Membean (for vocabulary building), San Diego Scribblers for writing, YouthDigital for programming and CTCMath for math help, and Outschool for live eclectic classes.

  7. We read the One Year Book of Devotions for Boys too- excellent!
    Also, Hero Tales by Dave & Neta Jackson are also excellent! There are 4 volumes I believe.
    Yes, RAR with Sarah is a great resource for age appropriate book recommendations!
    Have a blessed school year!

  8. Melissa Carpenter says:

    My son loved the Red Wall series in elementary school. He listened to the first few on tape ( he’s 23 now)! John Scott felt they really helped him enjoy reading and understand the old english style novels he read in high school. Your 9th grader might like the Christopher Paolini series Eragon my son still loves these books. We read Raising a Modern Day Knight with our son in middle school it was a great book too! Have your older boys read The Hobbit? The Lord of the Rings Series is amazing. The deal was my son had to read the books before he could see the movies he gladly took the deal!

  9. Heather Marshall says:

    Read Aloud Revival is such a great resource! We listened to Okay for Now on our family road trip. We all loved it!

  10. Angela Gerber says:

    I love to hear that your son is reading, or has read Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the Pulitzer Prize winner, All the Light We Cannot See. Both are two of my favirite books ever! I’m a huge reader, as well as my two sons.

    My 9th grade son just finished reading All The Light after I highly recommended. I read with my Book Group and as i read it, I knew my son would relate to Werner, the Germany boy in the story. Oh Monica, this is one of the best books ‘ve read in the lst 3 years (and I read about 3 books a month). Beautiful story and beautiful writing. I think you and your husband would enjoy this one.