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  1. Happy to hear the good news! Life and kids have a funny way of keeping us guessing. Hope he has an awesome journey at his college of choice.

  2. Congratulations to Josiah! But, I’m so impressed with you Monica. This is quite an accomplishment for you too! Homeschooling him and his brothers is a gigantic feat and
    to have Josiah reach his goals is a direct result to your commitment to him and his brothers! Great job Mom! Great job Josiah! The world is yours to conquer, go get it! 😁

  3. Carla Rae Shaw says:

    Congratulations to Josiah! What great news!

  4. This is amazing and exciting news! So glad we can celebrate with your family!

  5. Hooray for Josiah and for you!!!!! So happy for you!!!! Thanks for sharing this news with us!!! Looking forward to more updates as this new chapter begins!!!

  6. Mark Heinze says:

    Coming from Santa Barbara I am very happy for you it’s an excellent college and Rincon is not too far away. There is a similar college in San Diego called point Loma Nazarene College right on the water above Sunset Cliffs. Both are very friendly Christian schools and again congratulations

    1. Thank you Mark! Yes, Josiah also applied to Pt. Loma, and we have many friends there! Not many schools have scholarships like the Augustinian, and that made all the difference! 🙂 Thanks so much, you’re always so encouraging!! aloha-

      1. Dear Swanson Family-thank you for sending out this beautiful, joyous news! The world needs celebrations and I feel very blessed to share in your journey. Thank you and all the very best to an extraordinary young man!!!!

  7. Amazing news! What a celebration!!!! BTW- enjoying Submarine. Talent aplenty- that son of yours! Congratulations!

    1. Oh Yay! Thank you Shannon!! So glad you’re enjoying. Big blessings to you! xo