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  1. Hey there! Thank you for addressing this area for boys! I have lots to learn. I do have a pressing question: my 11yr old son is afraid to try new things. He has practiced basketball with his school team, but now that it is time to play in the games, he does not want to continue. He gets very angry and adamant when I encourage him to play. What should I do? Force him to do what I think would be best for him? Or let him decide not to participate?

    1. HI Darce! Thanks for commenting and yes that is a great question. I’m wondering if you’ve read my book, Boy Mom yet? I do address this in there! 🙂 Unfortunately there is not one easy answer…Of course there are many factors and things to consider — is this his personality or has he had a bad experience trying new things… can you get him to talk through it or is this worth getting someone else to sit with him to uncover what might be going on… I am a believer in pushing our kids to do hard things, but there is also a time to pull back and give them time to feel ready. Again, I think the book will help, but I do wish you all the best!! Aloha and hugs!