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  1. Heather S. says:

    Hey there sweet Monica!
    My vote is B – it was a hard one to choose though as they’re all great topics. Just listened to your family life radio interview – so great. Praying for you!

  2. A book on how to raise kids who like each other. So A for sure. I have a boy, 13 and a girl 9, obviously they don’t always get along but sometimes I can see how they can really HATE each other and I fear and wonder about their future relationship. I see some families with siblings who get along so well and I wonder the secrets behind it.
    Loving your current book and sharing with friends.

  3. Option C! Pretty please. 😬

  4. Hi Monica, I recently became a boy mom in May; and even though he’s still young (14 weeks) I found you as I was seeking resources to become better equipped for raising him in the years to come. As soon as I started listening I felt connected to you; your tone and voice is so inviting and the topics you are discussing make me so excited to learn more! I even send them to my husband so he can listen 😉 I would love to read books on topics A + C.
    Looking forward to learning more from you,
    Hannah V.

    1. Thank you so so much Hannah! SO happy you found my site and love that you are enjoying the podcast! Keep in touch as your sweet little guy grows!! ENJOY him while he’s little. 😉 XO

  5. A, then B, then C. For C, there’s already so much on the market about this, we need good “soul food” -being a biblical mom (family) in this culture! Love the friend concept!!

  6. I vote A! 3 boys here who love each other but also get on each others nerves!

  7. I vote A – I wish my boys would be more kind to one another and be best friends,

  8. Ugh- I cannot decide— all of the topics sound amazing…. probably A, C, then B 🙂

  9. Cathleen rafalko says:

    I like choice a and c for next book topic., My two boys despise each other and my heart is completely broken to watch them interact. They are 14. They were playmates early on and this changed a year or two ago. I wish I had more mom support over the years. My church is not very helpful and I’m a bit of a misfit there with an unequallly told spouse . I know god sees my momma heart and hears all my prayers. I’m confident this is just a phase and will pass. Thanks for all your encouragement over the years. Your family is blessed and beautiful ❤️❤️🏀☀️💥🌈

  10. Lauren Faxel says:

    A and C, please! And then B 🙂 (So helpful, right?) I have been following your blog for ages and already love the book and your podcasts!! So glad to have found/‘met’ you 🙂

    1. Feeling’s mutual! 🙂 Thank you so much… Aloha

  11. At this point in my life, I feel like option C would be most beneficial to me. I struggle keeping everything in balance and letting myself take “me” time without a ton of guilt.

  12. A! B is a close second. But A takes time I imagine and would love to be able to start that as soon as possible as my oldest is almost 14. 4 more boys and 1 girl following behind! 🙂

    You are awesome! Thanks for your ministry to all the moms of boys and girls!

    1. Wow you are a busy momma!! Thanks so much for taking time to comment! Much aloha – 🙂

  13. Thank you for sharing! I love pics! They say more than just words, and I love seeing your smile 🙂
    I vote for all of them!! Wait… Picking only 1 is way more helpful? Fine… I love the first one, A. I have 4 small boys (7, 4, 2, 6 months) and the 3 oldest wrestle around like angry weasels…
    How am I? /sigh… That is a loaded question… You saw the ages of my kids. I work full time outside the home as the sole income for my home, and my husband has UC. Everyday we feel like we are just barely making it. And by making it, I mean nothing has fallen apart too horribly yet, and no wheels have completely come off… yet.

  14. Such an exciting chapter for you, Monica! I hope you are soaking it all in. Did I tell you that I am hosting a “Boy Mom” book club? I’ll send you photos of our meeting! Exciting to discuss with some incredible boy moms in my crew!
    If I can’t vote for A B & C, I vote B! I like the angle of looking at family and family relationships as a whole.
    All the best as you start your homeschooling year!

    1. Hey Shannon! Thank you for the vote! And yay for a Boy Mom Book Club!! 🙂 If we can work out a time for me to FaceTime in, I’d love it!! 🙂 Message me if you want to coordinate! xo

  15. I vote C… They all sound Fab!
    C is just where I’m at … at the moment 😉

    1. Love it. Thank you! 🙂 (and hopefully you’re following my @healthyhappyandfree insta?…I am hoping to get back and fill that space with much more helpful content soon!)

  16. B please! I want my family to be strong and I want to start early with encouraging those traits.

  17. My vote is A. One of my consistent prayers is to raise my boys to be lifelong friends and not fall away from each other as they grow older.