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  1. Laughing…. When I saw the e-mail in my in-box alerting me of a new post on sleep my thought was “I hope there is a photo of Thor!”. Hahahah- there it is! Look forward to reading later when I have a minute. Cute puppy!!

  2. Sleep is a major issue that has crept up on us in our 40s (soon I and my hubs will be moving to the 50s – eek!). We both have sleep issues and just because we have older kids, it hasn’t changed for the better. Sleep Apnea also has revealed itself in many of my friends and us when we hit mid 40s. Great topic that we seem to overlook as a change when we get older.

    1. Thank you for commenting! Yes, I agree we tend to overlook the importance of sleep, at least until it is affecting us! Appreciate hearing your experience. Much aloha to you and your family! XO

  3. Another great topic! I’m 44 (25 in my mind) and cannot believe how different life is at this age. For the past year, I have struggled with my sleep, about 5 hours per night. Like you said, it’s waking at 3am that is so frustrating. Fitbit is a great tool for me, too. Thank you for tackling these topics. It is greatly appreciated! New puppy is so cute!!

    1. Thank YOU for taking the time to comment, Lisa. Sorry for your frustrations, but good to know we are all in this together. 🙂 Love hearing from you– Aloha!

  4. Morning everyone! I thought I would make a comment abt. something that may help sleep:) One thing that I have explored in regards to aging and other things also, is MAGNESIUM! Now, let me just say I am no expert, but through my research, I discovered how important to the body magnesium is and how just through lifestyle, a lot of us are lacking in it. I believe that magnesium is known to be a relaxing supplement and beneficial for many things in our bodies and is easily depleted, so supplementation is a good thing. When I first took it during the day, I remembered feeling so sleepy, I had no idea, but, just thought it may be a good thing to put out there, that taking a quality magnesium pill before bed, may help some to relax and get a better nights sleep? It has to be a magnesium that is easily absorbed into the body however, not just any ol’ magnesium. Maybe just one other small thing to help, and it should be good for you and your muscles as well for relaxing! Also, chamomile tea or sleepy time tea are a good bedtime routine. Blessings!

    1. Thank you so much LaDonna! I’m so glad you mentioned that. I’m curious, do you take straight magnesium or do you take it in combination with something else? I feel like there is some controversy (I will have to ask my husband because I can’t remember right now) but how some Dr.’s say to take it with Calcium and some say it won’t absorb well that way….? Would love to hear how you take it since you feel like it is helpful! Thanks for the comment! Aloha, Happy Holidays, and happy sleeping! 🙂

      1. Hi Monica! Sorry, I just realized you commented:) I just take the magnesium straight and make sure that it is a form that is easily assimilated/absorbed by the body and not just something that says”magnesium” on it. As far as calcium, I think you have to do your research, know your own diet/lifestyle, if you can know some abt your family history/health, that definitely helps you to make those choices (for instance does your mom have calcium deficiency). Are you eating calcium rich foods, how often? That kind of thing. Even if magnesium doesn’t work for you as far as sleep goes, there are many benefits to magnesium for your cells and the rest of your body, your heart, if you get lots of nerve twitches, muscle cramps, even PMS etc… I would just encourage ladies to be there own research specialist when they can. Even with natural supplements, be careful and informed abt what you are taking, Anyway, maybe it will help someone, I know both my sister and I have benefited from taking it. Thank you Monica for taking on all of these topics! Merry Christmas!