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  1. Kristie Kimmel says:

    A little bit of news, but I prefer to use apps so I can pick and choose the stories.
    My boys are still young (5,3 and 1) so I haven’t talked to them too much, but if course this year because similar topics have been going on for months we’ve started talking about them a little more.

  2. Holly Fuller says:

    This is terrible but I don’t keep up with current events! My husband reads articles online and that’s how I stay informed. My kids love talking about current events so I need to engage them and teach them how to think from a Biblical worldview. Thanks for sharing this new resource with us!

  3. Torie Grubb says:

    I have not kept on the news very well lately. I have been convicted that I need a trustworthy news source. We don’t have tv, and I’m a busy mom. So staying informed on world events has been difficult. That’s why I’m SO thankful to learn about World Watch. They will now become my source for news through the videos and podcast. I look forward to showing my young sons the videos as well!

  4. Christina says:

    We use the Internet. I’ve never liked having a tv on with news going all the time! Ugh!