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  1. It is really great info! Appreciate that you share this information 🙂

  2. Kimberly Stapleton says:

    Love this article! I am the mother of a daughter with intense special needs. I agree with the article whole heartedly! I love people to ask questions and to SEE/acknowledge my child. Every parent wants a chance to talk about and brag on their child! No question is off limits as long as presented in a respectful way. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

    1. Thank you Kimberly! So glad you stopped in and I love hearing from you. God bless you–Wish I could meet and get to know you and your sweet daughter! Aloha

  3. Hi, I found your page from Facebook that your family lives in Hawaii since my friends who are a couple and their family moved to Hawaii. Their son loves surfing like your boys. I just saw your post about special needs kids and adults with disability. I want you to know that I have a disability that I’m deaf and legally blind. I’m a Christian. A lot of Christians don’t know how to talk or are afraid . My mom had a very hard time to accept me as disability when I was a baby but she estranges me for 20 years and it really hurts me. My dad used not to be very patient with me but this year he improves communicating with me better and he shows loves to me. I have seen a lot of hearing families having miscommunication with their deaf or deaf-blind kids. Really sad. I hope in the future they accept responsibility to work with special needs kids who really need love. Yes every person with disability has different needs and challenges every day. I try to tell people how I feel with my eyes and most of them don’t understand or don’t respect my needs. So I am frustrated and learn not to let it bother me because I’m really me and know what’s best for me because I have a disability. I just want to share some of my experinences.
    I just enjoy your blog. Thanks fr sharing your open about special needs kids you are trying to ask and care for.

  4. Tell me __________’s story……LOVE that! Shouldn’t we just always ask that anyway? Seems like we always ask people what they do for a living….not what their story is….A profession is only a portion of someone’s life….just like special needs! Great topic Monica! AND Micah is AWESOME! I wish everyone could get an opportunity to meet that sweet kiddo!

  5. I am a mom of a 10yr old son with mild autism. I appreciate this article and hope it helps other people feel more comfortable around families with special needs children. I like the “I would love to hear ____’s story” as a conversation starter. With my son’s autism being mild, people don’t always notice right away. Sometimes I think people just think he is “weird” or “quirky” because his social skills are not always appropriate. I am pretty quick to tell people about him before they just write him off as “that weird kid”. My only wish is that other mother’s explain about him to their children because I think other kids would be a little more understanding if they realized that he does have “social issues” and that he really does want to be their friend. Thanks for bringing more awareness to special needs and I look forward to “Part II”!

    1. Thank you Jane! I really love your thoughts on other moms explaining things to their children–Great idea, and something other moms have mentioned as well. Kids can be so hurtful without even realizing it. Great thoughts (and maybe I’ll need a part III :)) Aloha to you and God bless you for what you do every day!

  6. Hi!

    I love that you wrote about kids/adults with special needs. I think you did really well on this post,because it’s alot better that you ask,then just stare on someone with special needs and then we can choose if we want to tell you or not. I myself have special needs and has delt with it since I was a kid,what I find people to have more trouble with is if a person has a invisible disability that people can’t really see. I have something that effect me everyday and I often have to decide if I want to do something,because after I have done something(hike,shopping,gym,be with friends) that is physicall I will be in alot of pain. I have friends and family that doesn’t understand my disability and can easily judge me,which can often suck.

    Sorry,if this was hard to understand,English is not my language and I would love to tell you what my special needs are,but I don’t know what it is in English.


    1. thank you so much for commenting, Cecilia! I appreciate so much hearing from you. Where do you live? And if you would like to tell me what your special needs are in your own language, I could likely find a way to translate. 😉 You are a blessing. Much Aloha-

  7. Love this blog! I am the mother of a special needs child and she made me who I am today

    1. Wow Karin. I love to hear that. God bless you and thank you for commenting! aloha-