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  1. Heidi Borgeas says:

    I have tried twice to have the cards come to my email (plus checked my spam/clutter/junk folders) but nothing is coming through (?). Am I doing something wrong? Mahalo for clarifying

    1. Heidi–I’m so sorry for the difficulty. The way it should work is that you will get an email from you, and when you click on the link they will be downloaded to your computer or device…Have you received any email from me?…
      Let me know or email me at: [email protected] and I can try to help! 🙂 Much aloha–

  2. Heidi Borgeas says:

    Monica – I went to graduate school in Hawai’i but there were to many marine biologists there already = no jobs sadly. Am back on the mainland, happily married and with two boys of my own but your posts bring me back where I have felt always was my “home” in my heart – Hawai’i. Your spirit of aloha, honesty about aspects being a parent, a mom of boys and your humor makes me so happy to get to participate vicariously by reading your words! Thank you for you and taking the time to share your thoughts – I love them. Sending you good vibes from Florida, Heidi B.

    1. Oh so fun to hear from you Heidi! Sorry you had to leave Hawaii but trust you are happy where you are..I love to think I bring a little Aloha into your life where you are! (and Florida’s not so bad either, right? 🙂 ) I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Keep in touch! xo and Mele Kalikimaka!

  3. Marinda Croukamp says:

    May I please have the pdf file on meditation?
    I’m already a subscriber

    1. Thanks Marinda! I’m so glad you’d like to get the meditation cards. It’s fine that you’re a subscriber, you still get them the same way. When you put your email address in, the system will know that you are already a subscriber. The PDF will be sent directly to your email that way. Hope you enjoy!! 🙂

  4. Hi, This is great Monica! Thank you.

    I wanted to print out the PDF, but I am already a subscriber. It won’t subscribe me twice, will it?


    1. Thank you Andrea! No, you’re fine– If you’re already a subscriber (and thank you for that! ;)) then it will just give you the PDF to download! Hope you enjoy!

  5. There is a distinct difference in ‘Meditation’ for other religions and yoga practice is very different from praying and emerging oneself in the word of God. I believe it is dangerous to mix the two because they have very different core beliefs. Yoga uses moves that specifically align with a religion and each pose means something. I’ve done meditation in this manner and can say the ‘out of body’ experience I had was very unsettling and didn’t ‘feel’ as though it was a connection with my God from the bible. After that experience I really researched and found that when I fasted and prayed, I felt comforted within my body by the Holy Spirit. It is a different experience and ‘meditation’. Now, when I want to spend time focusing on the bible and the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit’s power, I pray in a quiet place and reflect on scripture. When I am really troubled, I fast in the morning and pray throughout the day. Thanks for addressing this topic as ‘meditation’ seems to be a popular way for people today to tune out the world.

  6. tracy evans says:

    i love that you have tackled this subject a second time. In fact, your blog post is a large part of the reason why i made the leap and started meditating every day, since mid-September. You really helped to both demystify it for me as well as put my mind at ease (so to speak! =) ) because I wasn’t sure meditation could fit into a Christian lifestyle. Mindfulness meditation is my niche, for sure. It’s a great tool to help manage my anxiety. It helps to quiet my mind of the critical dialogue that runs through my head and leaves some room for me to hear God’s voice. Sometimes it helps me to picture, on the inhale, asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and on the exhale, to share Jesus with the world.
    I also love that there are apps that help with scripture memorization, so I try to take the time to run through a couple when i have a few spare moments during the day. Maybe when I am a little more well-versed, I can try it during meditation as well!
    Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.

    1. Thank you Tracy. Glad you’ve been able to use meditation to manage anxiety and the stresses of life! Love the inhale and exhale pattern you use! 🙂 SO good. Much aloha to you–

  7. This is an amazing idea. We do a form of scripture meditation as a family each morning, but I haven’t thought about this, and I will be printing these in boring black tonight. Thanks for sharing these, Monica!

    1. thank you Leigh! And boring black works–Hope you enjoy them!:) XO