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  1. I’ve put it together and chopped the nuts – the guys will have it for bible study in the morning! It looks good, and that sauce is amazing!! (Yes, I licked the bowl).

  2. Yes, this pie sounds amazing! I’m passing this recipe on to my mom. She has papaya trees in her backyard and to my knowledge, has never made pie with them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Now you know that I am a Northern Girl through and through, but the shot of your papaya tree and all the fresh tropical fruit has me longing for the island lifestyle. I absolutely love papaya, and never in a million years thought to put it in a pie. Fresh fruit pies are some of my favorites. You’re so clever!

  4. Your pie looks gorgeous!! It looks delicious AND it’s such a cheerful color! And what a fantastic idea for all of these terrific bloggers to host pie week the week before Thanksgiving! Looking forward to trying some new pies out on my familyin the coming weeks. Thank you!!!!

  5. What a gorgeous pie! One of my favorite things about visiting Hawaii is all the tropical fruit that isn’t available on the main land. Like the pink spikey fruit…what is that called? I had never seen it until I visited Hawaii. Happy Pie Week!

  6. Monica…I’m definitely going to be searching out some papaya this weekend! What absolutely luscious stuff! How very cool that you have macadamia nuts all over your property….I’m so envious! They are a perfect topping for this beautiful pie!

  7. I love how you put a tropical spin on all our cooking collaborations, Monica! Your pie is lovely and looks so refreshing. Also important at the holidays – papaya is known to aid digestion, which makes this the perfect pie to try after you stuff your face on Turkey Day. Hooray for papaya enzymes! #science

    PS – I totally jealous of your papaya bounty. We just planted our first papaya tree this summer, so it’s too soon for us to see fruit. Now that I’ve seen your pretty pie, I can’t wait for our first harvest! -j


    I have to usually be in the right mood for pie, but anything that’s fruit-based like this one? All over it!