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  1. Doesn’t it turn back into solid form After you make it & it’s stored? Do you have to heat it up before pouring on ice cream?

  2. worked perfectly. time to get more coconut oil.

  3. Made this yeasterday, on the stove, with 74% pure dark chocolate. That makes quite a healthy topping

  4. Melissa K says:

    Who knew? Not me! Sound yummy. I just need some ice cream, chocolate chips and coconut oil…..Kitchen is a little empty right now. haha.

  5. I love making homemage magic shell. I’ve also made it with peanut butter and nutella. It’s an addiction 🙂

  6. Does it have a strong coconut taste? I love all things coconut. But, that’s not the case with my guys….

  7. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Two ingredients?! Two ingredients that I have on hand at this very moment?!

    Be still, my magic-shell-loving heart!

    Now I just need to get a microwave… 😉 Although, do you think that a stovetop version would work just as well?

    1. Yes!! I’m sure stovetop is just fine! Try it and let me know! ;).