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  1. Teresa Eskew says:

    See above comment. I guess that is a hint. I’ll be making this soon. lol. It does look good. I love zucchini bread, I have just never tried it with coconut.

    1. haha–He’s no dumby! 🙂
      you will love it. I had never made it w/ yogurt either, so I loved how that turned out. Thanks friend!

  2. looks so good, I might just have to try it.

    Those Zuchinni Dream Bars I shared with you once have coconut and zucchini in them.

    Dang it. now I want to bake and I so don’t have time before work.

  3. LOVE IT – I am all about the coconut and while I do love traditional zucchini bread, I definitely wouldn’t kick this version out of bed 😉