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  1. I am a youngest child and I’m not sure I fit the mold! I am definitely not the comedian of the family and do not enjoy marketing. I probably got away with a lot, also because I was the only girl 😆
    My youngest now is only 3.5, so it’s hard to tell how he’ll turn out. My middle is a comedian, so the youngest loves to joke around with him. We do try to hold him accountable and not let him get away with everything. He also likes having jobs to do (sometimes) because he sees his big brothers doing them! He is usually eager to help, and quick to say sorry. He is such a joy to have in our family.

  2. Virginia Newell says:

    My youngest is only two, and I remember when he was born worrying that he would get lost because my middle son was so difficult at the time and my oldest is such a talker. But he has very much made his presence known already, and I can see how maybe one day he is going to love being the center of attention!
    As the baby of a very large family myself, I always tried to be funny, I did a lot of acting/theater, and definitely had moments of feeling like my milestones got very lost in the sauce. However, that came with perks – like being able to get my ears pierced YEARS before my older sisters haha! Lots of good and bad in my own experiences to learn from!

  3. My husband and I are both the youngest but my husband is more of a firstborn personality-wise so he balances out my lack of organizational skills 😂 Your podcast hit the nail on the head for my youngest – his name is also Isaac so the laughter & comedian fits him perfectly. Thank you for the reminder to finish his baby book & give him more responsibility! My oldest tends to just do it for his younger brother! Love this series!

  4. I loved this birth order series. I have 3 boys (6,4 and 2 yes old). It’s a whirlwind of fun, excitement and challenges. I love how close they are at this age and I hope they continue their relationships as they get older! Family connection is so important and they are so lucky to have each other. I hope they always hold onto their connections and strive to stay friends through the years.

  5. I’m currently pregnant with my 4th (all boys), so my third son is our current youngest. He’s only 2 but already I see that silly, attention grabbing side coming out. I’m curious to see how he handles losing his baby-of-the-family status. Gonna be interesting! All of mine are close in age and I see some of the typical birth order stereotypes playing out for sure. Thank you for your Boy Mom book and for this podcast! So incredibly helpful!!

    1. aww, I’m gonna be so curious too! Please do keep me posted. 😉 Congrats on #4 coming along and thank you for the kind words!! xo

  6. As I mentioned in my comment last week, I have two “babies” because the original baby became a middle after almost 6 years! Thankfully he and his older brother are super close and spend a lot of time together, but now that the oldest is driving and has a part-time job that has been hard for him. We have always homeschooled so up until now they have always done most everything together.
    The now “baby” is definitely a baby, but because of the age gap and maybe just his personality he doesn’t tick all of the boxes. In fact most days I think he acts like an only child… eek! While he does feel left out when his brothers do things without him, he is content to play alone most days, teaches himself most things, is very imaginitive and intellectual, he loves learning. He is more introverted than my other boys, and doesn’t try to steal the show with comedic acts or anything like that, but definitely has that baby trait of thinking the world revolves around himself 🙂 The one thing he is that is that is definitely a firstborn trait is an extreme perfectionist, EXTREME and is right all of the time, even when he is proven wrong he is right, and he argues with everybody and everything.
    These large age gaps (16.5yrs, 12yrs 4m, and 7yrs) between my boys sure makes understanding them based on birth order a little tricky, but it is fun!

    1. Wow, Jessica– I relate to much of that, and it sounds like you’re doing great juggling a lot of age ranges right now! I agree it’s all interesting, though not a perfect science. 😉 Thanks for sharing your story and big hugs to all of you! xo

  7. Our baby, Lane, is just 2 but he is so spoiled by his older 3 siblings. I used to think the term strong-willed was used a lot of times for kids that just weren’t disciplined well and then the Lord sent us surprise baby #4. Jokes on me!

    1. I totally get it!! 🙂 (and I love the name Lane!) Big hugs — enjoy it all!

  8. My youngest is definitely the comedian of the family. I think your description hits the nail on the head.

    1. Sue– Love that. Those youngest add lots of joy and laughter to the family, right!? Enjoy!

  9. My youngest is still pretty little but this all sounds about right for him so far! 😉 For me too, as I have tended to sometimes feel parented out and have let the big bros take on more cleanup, etc even after the littlest probably made most of the mess! He is funny, carefree, very loving and just fearless!! 😱
    I am the youngest and my husband is the youngest in his family as well.
    I feel like this definitely hits home for my husband but not for me, as I grew up being the scaredy cat and worry wart of the family 🥴🤣.

  10. Oh my. 10 minutes in and so guilty. Have to get on that baby book…

  11. Randa Berry says:

    My youngest is highly sociable and full of life and joy. She is definitely the messiest of the family and often looks to her older siblings to clean her mess for her. I have so much fun watching her try to keep up with the other children but the struggle for me is making sure I don’t put too many unrealistic expectations on her or compare her to her other siblings.

  12. My youngest will soon be demoted to middle child when my baby arrives, BUT as a 2 1/2 year old he is incredibly independent. He plays by himself happily for long periods of time, doesn’t complain much, and is just happy and easy to please. Because he’s kind of easy I feel the temptation may be to let him slip through the cracks. I want to be intentional about staying in touch with him emotionally/spiritually and really helping him develop his character over the years.