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  1. We have four kiddos ages 11 to 6. We implemented “person of the day!”
    Person of the day has to to any little extra tasks for the day like taking the trash bins out, feeding the dog, etc. They also get to have the first turn at something, make the fun choices like where will we eat, have the extra donut etc. That way everyone takes turns having responsibility and the youngest doesn’t get skipped over. I’m no expert 😆….but it helps a lot in our family! Thank you for all of your wisdom and insight. It’s been a game changer in the way I relate to my 3 boys!

    1. I love the person of the day idea! Thank you for sharing. So glad to have you here!! 🙂

  2. Vicki Kincaid says:

    So, I’m going to say I have 7 that are the youngest. Boy, 48, girl, 38, boy, 31, boy, 27(came to our family at 5), girl, 23(sibling of boy 27), boy, 17, girl, 12(sibling of boy 17). Last 4 are adopted of course, 2 sets of siblings, 3 as babies. I’ve been homeschooling for 16 years. Such fun with these children and now most are adults! The youngest is by far the most like the last born but all have some traits. I’ve got this!

    1. wow, you ARE superwoman!! That is quite a family! Way to go and love that you still call it fun! 😉 Blessings to you. Aloha-

  3. Super Janice says:

    I’m the first born and the only daughter. My brother is 9 years younger than me! I don’t understand why he functions as a last born!

  4. Hello. Our baby is a boy with 3 sisters/moms & me “head mom.” 2 older kids are 16 & 15. Our 3 child is 9, but has the soul of a teenager. Therefore our son is 100% “the baby” and treated as such. He gets away with everything… Everyone is always on the go and there is always someone willing to do whatever it is for him in order to go and he knows it. He is very set in his ways, doesn’t like to lose, always wants to be first. But at the same time he is very loving, looks out for his sisters and funny. I better go finish the photo album… project box. 😏

  5. Two boys….the youngest is my unpredictable one. Emotional, funny, messy, ducks out of chores. The oldest did not prepare me for the youngest. 🙂 This week the youngest ran the best track meet he had. 4th place in a 4x 100 relay. All he wanted was his brother’s praise. The eldest was in his own world at the time. Hurt feelings and a failed attempt by the eldest to try to make it right (“Mom put you up to this.”) I felt for both if them. The two of them get along most of the time but the youngest definitely craves that recognition I think even more from his brother than us. I am the youngest of 3 so can completely understand. Birth order definitely matters.

    1. Yes Laura, you’ve got a good case study there as well. (and I’m youngest of three as well, :)) Good examples and you are wise to be aware of things and see the different factors that affect your boys. Keep up the intentional parenting! 😉 XO

  6. I too have four sons. The first three close together and the baby arriving 6years after the third! My baby is actually very neat and is a rule follower. He seems to have more traits of a first born, but he is definitely a joy and makes us all laugh. He’s loud too, because he has to try so hard to be heard. He is very friendly and outgoing.

    1. Wow Sheri–We have the same exact family plan! Haha. Love it. It would be fascinating to compare all of our boys from first to last…Fun stuff! Thanks so much for sharing. Much aloha-

  7. Annemarie says:

    A very entertaining and useful article! Many thanks. Our baby just turned 6 and drives his big brothers crazy with his demands on their time. He is absolutely the boss of the house and makes life hard on those around him if he doesn’t get his own way. He is also the most loving, charming, caring, nurturing and entertaining little man and we all adore him!

    1. Sounds a LOT like my 6 yr old!! 🙂 Thanks for taking time to comment and share! ALOHA-

  8. Hi Stephanie, same exact thing with my last-born of 3. She’s just 18 months younger than her sister. She’s usually super helpful, pushy even. She’s also the most aggressive and wants to win at everything, but just the same get super sad when her feelings are hurt. She’s organized as well with her things, at least more than her older sister. I also slacked off with discipline with #3 which is why she acts out so much now that she’s 8 🙁 …sometimes I’m so tired I just give in but have to work at that! thanks for sharing Monica

  9. Stephanie says:

    Thank goodness for the babies, they bring so much joy to the family. Our youngest, of 4, is always making us laugh. I love it. He also happens to be the most aggressive and athletic. Always picking fights with his older brothers. But I have to admit, I really have to focus on parenting to make sure he gets disciplined when needed. Its usually the older brothers who get the reprimand. The only thing about our baby, that is different from what is written above, is that he is organized and loves putting things away in an orderly fashion…more than his brothers, at least. Thanks Monica for your post!