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  1. Tried to listen to this one while running and just cried 💙😢. Whew! It goes wayyyyy too fast!

    1. awww, sorry to give you a run-cry, but it’s kind of healthy for us, right? 🙂

  2. 1. One thing I love about being a boy mom is endless hugs and snuggles from my sweet boys!

    2. One thing I appreciate about my own mom is our shared love of walks and phone dates. We talk almost every morning on our morning jogs over the phone.

    Shared on IG. Excited about the giveaway and would LOVE to win! Love your podcast, it’s one of much favorites!

  3. Chloe Lang says:

    I love the Boy jokes and getting in the dirt with my Boys.
    I always loved my mums sense of humor and she would dance ANYWHERE if she heard her favourite song playing (yes she would dance in Woolworth’s haha)
    I love Everything your doing to help us all Monica, your a Legend!!! I have shared your podcast on instagram SUPER excited about the character building course before my kids hit there teens.

  4. Laura Hottenstein says:

    My eldest is home now after completing his first year of college. One hurricane and COVID bookends his freshman experience. Your podcast and reading of lasts was timely..

    I love being a Mom of two boys. Could not easily narrow it down to one thing. So it is the whole thing. Your use of the word privilege hit a chord with me. I am honored to have the privilege of watching these guys go from curiosity of puddles and caterpillars to curiosity of how the world works as they form their own identities. They are my heart.

    My mom is 77, a powerhouse that started skydiving tandem after she turned 70. She is kind and always looks for ways to help others. My siblings and I often say we hit the Mom Jackpot. She grounds me when I feel like I have failed as a Mom. Grateful for her.

    Thank you Monica for hitting my thoughts, concerns and experiences spot on. Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. Hey Monica!
    I came across your podcast as I’ve just started Bethany Hamilton’s unstoppable course and one of the guest speakers connected me to your podcast- it has been so life giving! Mahalo!
    I’ve been going on walks with my two under two every morning and have enjoyed this time to listen to several of your podcasts so far, all so good- (plus you have such a rad happy voice that’s so easy to listen to!)
    Would love to hear advice/ wisdom/ thoughts for newer Mums of toddlers and how we can set ourself/them up for the best success from as early as possible.

    Ok, time for Q&As- would love to read through your book!
    1- I really love how being a mum has grown me significantly in my emotional and spiritual maturity. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to grow that I never would have otherwise. Even though I was approaching 30 when my first son was born, I didn’t feel ready at all, but who is!? God knew best and knew this is what I needed to grow. So stoked and seeing the silver lining amidst pandemic life and really loving this time with my cherubs I wouldn’t be getting if I was working several days a week. It’s also made me a lot more sensitive and passionate about child rights and kids that are so less fortunate than mine- how can I be a voice for them is my prayer.

    2- my mum is a solid awesome mum for sure, but she has blossomed like nobody’s business since becoming a grandmother and I have loved watched her totally bloom into this role. (My sister is also a boy mum with 4 boys!) So my mum is just rocking the boy grandmom so well. She gives so much of her time and is so present with all her grandkids- I love seeing how much she flourishes from being intentional with them, and how they adore her in return.

  6. A new listener here. I’m my 9 year old’s Mom. I would love to read your book!

    1. Watching my son grow and learn up close, especially when I am unhurried and observant. Seeing where his eyes go when he’s working with his hands. Seeing him watch me when I am reading aloud. Really seeing him as he grows curious about another living thing.

    2. Even though my mom was a young, single parent with very little support of any kind, she wanted me to have things better than her. I became smarter than her and wealthier than her, but her love for me is grand and kind. She was truly the wind beneath my wings.

  7. 1. I love being a mom because I see the trust my boys put in me. They trust me with everything and even though that can sometimes feel overwhelming it is also humbling.

    2. Now that I am a mom, I truly appreciate my mom’s servanthood to me and my siblings.

    I posted on Facebook.

  8. 1. I love watching my boys learn new things. Not just the milestones, like that first dimpled smile as newborns, but even the more mundane things, like fractions. Wow! Look at their minds grow!

    2. I appreciate that my own mom didn’t give up. Motherhood is hard, and I have wanted to throw in the towel many times. But whenever I do, I think of her. She had it even harder than I do, and she never gave up. It inspires me to just keep going.

  9. Rachelle W. says:

    I just love when the boys randomly say something extremely sweet! It just melts my momma heart!!
    I appreciate my mom so much! We talk often and she is a huge help with my boys!!

  10. Holly Brewer says:

    My boys are young and I absolutely love discovering their unique personalities, identity, and gifts. I have so much joy watching them become and embrace who they were made to be! I also love those moments when my quirky sense of humor or their fathers’ sense of engineering pops out of their personalities- our little stamp on them, but also how the ways we relate to and bond with each other! So fun!

  11. I LOVE being able to help shape my boys. I love learning alongside them, modeling, and fostering a love for outdoors, and learning!

  12. Heidi Weller says:

    I love being a mom because I get to see my kids (and help them) grow into the people they are meant to be. 🙂

    And one thing I love about my mom is her kind and tender heart. She wants to help everybody and show them the love of Jesus.

  13. Amanda Stratton says:

    Hi Monica! I have really enjoyed your podcast. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! My favorite thing about being a Mom is witnessing when things “click” for my boys. Those “ah ha” moments! My favorite thing about my own Mom is that she has never met a stranger. She is so outgoing, kind, and ready to strike up a conversation with whomever she meets.

  14. I have four sisters – now I have four sons. I love that I get to experience BOTH of these worlds. One thing that I love about being a mom is that my boys are teaching me how to find joy in the little things – playing tag, a flower, swimming, etc.

    My mom was a single parent for many years and I admire how hard she worked and how she never gave up.

    I would love to win a copy of BOYMOM! It’s on my “to read” list!

  15. I love how motherhood has sanctified me…I’ve grown more in my relationship with Jesus because of motherhood and raising these kids. Nothing has been so hard, yet so rewarding.

    I love how my mom is always always there for me. From silly questions to serious matters. Always my biggest cheerleader and prayer warrior.

    1. Yes to sanctification!! 🙂 And thank God for our own moms in this journey, right!? Thanks Katie!!

  16. As a boy mom of 3, I love our shared interests and the ability to homeschool and instill my values in them. I love watching them learn and develop their own beliefs.

    As for what I appreciate about my own mom, she’s always been there for me, willing to talk, listen, and give advice whenever I need it.

    1. Sending boy mom hugs to you Eowyn!! Thanks for commenting!!

  17. Lauren Du Preez says:

    Being a boy mom is epic-wrestling, yelling, eating and so much laughing!
    What I love about my mom is her joyful spirit and genuine kindness. She’s a gem!

    1. Thank you Lauren! You described boy-momhood well!! 🙂

  18. Debra Whitesel says:

    Being a mom has been one of the greatest blessings of my life and now I’m enjoying being blessed with grandkids! I think just knowing that God chose me to be the mom/Oma of the kiddos in my life fills me with honor and gratitude!
    My mom was so giving and loving – always putting everyone before herself. It’s hard now as she ages with memory loss and seeing her deteriorate physically is heart breaking! We almost have a role reversal as I help to take care of her- which I love doing, but is so trying at times as I have young grandchildren to care for also.
    Still so very thankful!

    1. Thank you Debra! I’m starting to really get excited about the Grandma stage ahead! Thank you for your comment, and bless your sweet Mom’s heart!

  19. Jaclyn Harty says:

    I love being the love of my son’s life (so far). He is 8 and shows me so much sweetness and love. I get morning snuggles and kisses upon waking, every day, as well as bedtime snuggles. It washes away all the rough stuff from the day.
    What I love most about my own mother is her undying friendship. She is always there for me to talk to, give advice, or just listen. I hope to be the same for my boy when we are older.

    1. Jaclyn– I love this so much. Oh there’s nothing better. (my 9 year old is about to turn 10 and I don’t want this stage to end!) Thank you for commenting!! xo

  20. One thing I love about being a mom is our talks about God and everything He brought His people through and how we are His people as well. We have deep conversations and they aren’t even teens yet. Looking forward to further progression in this area as they age.

    My mom is my best friend. I call her whenever anything exciting or difficult happens just to talk it through with her. She brags to her friends that he daughter calls her at least five times a week. Though I expect it to be different, I hope I get to brag about my boys and our continued connection even when they are out of the house.

    1. Thank you Jill! Oh I love those talks…keep em up! 🙂 (you’ll love the teen years I think!) And thank God for our own moms…so special!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    One thing I love about being a mom is when you have a moment of spontaneous and genuine laughter with your kids- there is nothing like it!

    It is so rich and refining and hard and fun – all the things!

    1. Yes to laughter with our kids!! Love it. Thank you Elizabeth!! And Happy Mothers’ Day!

  22. Did you just call other people’s kids “crazy”? you are starting to come across as if your kids are perfect and can’t do no wrong, sounds very judgmental. Your kids don’t play vide games, they only listen to Christian music, eat perfectly healthy and clean, they don’t have friends because that makes them feel un-worthy of God, according to Luke’s comment on one of your podcasts he felt dirty and lost, he thought he was a dirty sinner because he looked for joys in friendships/fun, that poor child, he sounded as if he was a recovered addict and looked so ashamed of himself just for having friends. I pray your children find joy in life later when they are away from your brainwashing family. I used to enjoy reading this blog and started listening to your podcast but I soon realized your kids live in a sheltered bubble and you have no place giving moms advise who live in the real world, you need to be true to yourself and to your readers and listeners. You are the reason why so many moms feel inadequate and depressed, you portray this perfect life, kids, marriage, on your social media. No different from young teens doing this same exact thing we tell them not to. I know you will not publish this on your website because you scan comments to only show the pretty ones that praise you, just like everything else in your life, but I’m sure you will read this.

    1. Hey Amy,
      Wow, that comment definitely hurt, if that was your goal…Yes, I do read all of my comments, though no, I am not deleting yours. I am so sorry that I have come across judgmental as that is the last thing I would ever want to do. I have tried to always be honest in our struggles and in our humanity in my posts both on my blog and on social media. We are far from perfect, though we have worked hard as parents and as a family to be intentional and to honor God in all we do. This is why I have the platform I do and am in a position to offer advice to those who are seeking to do the same. Not because we think we know it all but because we have learned so much and want to share the great blessings we are experiencing. What you heard from Luke was simply his awareness of his own sin nature and his gratitude for God’s grace in his life. My boys are super happy and humble and not at all self-righteous. But I have heard your words and since you have found me to be judgmental and irrelevant, I am very, very sorry. It truly breaks my heart and in my 9+ years of blogging I have not received other comments like this so it really does affect me. I hope you find a voice online that makes you feel more supported and encouraged. 🙂

  23. Christina Wirch says:

    I love watching the world through my children’s eyes

  24. Stephanie says:

    Being a mom is the hardest, most sanctifying experience in my life – and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! These past few weeks ha e not been without their struggles but I have been able to see more of my kiddos personalities and learn more from them about how to meet them where they are individually. Would love to have a hard copy of this book 😊

    1. Thank you Stephanie! So glad you’ve found some blessings in this challenging season. And yes to sanctification! 🙂 XO

  25. I love being a boy mom because of all the exploring and curiosity I get to be part of.
    I love my mom because she always has my back – if i need anything she will try and figure out how she can help.

    1. Thank you Beth!! So true on both counts!! 🙂 Happy Mothers’ Day!

  26. Christine says:

    One of the things I love about being a mom is how much I feel like myself with my children. And how freeing it feels to be silly and play and explore the world with fresh eyes.

    1. Oh Christine, I love that. I, too, feel so much “myself” with my boys. What a blessing! Happy Mothers’ Day!

  27. I love being a boy mom! I was always the girl who hung with the guys anyway and now I have my own brood of little men. I just love how differently men’s minds work than ours and figuring that all out. I also do love being queen of my castle and having all the boys to dote on me and teaching them about properly treating women.
    My mom is wonderful. We talk every single day and she is always my best sounding board. She is never too busy to listen to my problems no matter how mundane and always gives her honest opinion.

    1. Thank you Tania! I relate to that — growing up with brothers and having a lot of guy friends. 🙂 And yes to being queen… Thank you for commenting! XO Happy Mothers’ Day!

  28. My mum taught me how to show hospitality and care for others. Our front door was always open to anyone who needed a friend. My mum was always cooking for more than our family of six or hosting playdates. Now it’s my favourite part of being a mum too 🙂

    1. Oh I love that Jessica! Hospitality sometimes seems a lost art these days, so this makes me so happy! Happy Mothers’ Day!

  29. Jeanne Gleim says:

    What I love about being a Mom/Grandma (Gigi) is giving love unconditionally and that feeling of joy that bursts in your heart when you do. It’s a feeling like no other.

    What I love about my own Mother (who will be 89 in June) is her strength, her unwavering love and faith and her example of unconditional love toward me and my siblings and her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    1. Love this so much, Jeanne! You described that feeling so well– what a gift to share in the love that God loves us with!! Happy Mothers’ Day!

  30. Mom of 5 boys here, ages 8 months to 11 years! I absolutely love being a (boy)mom. My favorite part so far is watching them grow into the man they’re going to become. For instance, my oldest son has the kindest heart and a wicked sense of humor. I’ve loved watching him grow and am honored to be his mom .

    1. So sweet Alicia!! It is an amazing blessing, isn’t it!? Happy Mothers’ Day!

  31. Dear Monica,
    I am so blessed to have you as a role model. I pray to God that he will show me to be the best mom I can be for my two teenagers. Thank you so much for your sweet heart in sharing so much wisdom to moms. One of the things I love to be a mom is to see my kids own personalities and how fun boys can be.

  32. Christina says:

    I love being a mom of boys – they keep me on my toes with funny jokes 😂😂

    I appreciate that my mom fed us day in and day out… I didn’t realize what a labor of love that was until I had children… 🤦‍♀️

    1. Especially now with all of the food, right!? 🙂 Thank you Christina! Happy Mothers’ Day!!

  33. I love being a (young) boy mom because no matter what these boys look at me like I hung the moon! No judgement if I haven’t brushed my hair or if I yelled too much yesterday, with my little boys I can do no wrong. Unconditional love. 💙

    1. Amy — isn’t that so true!!? LOVE it. Happy Mothers’ Day!!

  34. I love getting to watch who all of these little (and now not-so-little) people become. (7 kiddos from ages 17 down to 5 – and all of them love to surf :)).

    I love that my own mom loves Jesus and shares her wisdom from the word with us and with our children, even memorizing scripture with them.

  35. Joelle Myers says:

    Hi Monica!
    I just {5 weeks ago} had my third baby boy to complete our family of 5! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win one of your Boy Mom Books, as now more than ever I could use the Biblical advice and encouragement 🙂 Your blog and podcast are a life-line in this season of uncertainty {and sleepless nights}. Thank you for continuing to share your sound Biblical advise in raising boys to become men of God! It has changed my parenting already and my boys are all still little!
    1. I absolutely love being a mom and it’s hard to choose just one reason but one of my favorites is watching my kids learn new things. The way they light up with joy and pride when they learn to accomplish a new task is amazing! I also love that I have all boys {even though growing up I was sure I needed a girl one day} because watching the bond and friendship develop in them is something I will truly cherish forever!
    2. I appreciate so very many things about my mom. She is selfless, caring, an unbelievable support and encouragement and would give anything she has to help or bless me and my family. We were blessed to move close by to my parents and now I am reaping the benefits of watching her be an unbelievable ‘Nena’ to my boys too!

    Thank you for this opportunity to win a copy of your book!

    1. Joelle! Big congratulations!! Yay for the third baby!! (what a time to bring a baby into the world…you’ll never forget these days! :)) Happy Mothers’ Day and thank you for the kind words!! xo

  36. Marcie Cowling says:

    1. I love being a mom to my five kids. Three are in their 30’s, one 20 and youngest soon to be 16. Parenting has not been a piece of cake however, It brings me so much joy to witness what they have learned and achieved! Like, YES! That’s a piece of my heart out there doing their thing! Or when they let me in when it’s not going so well. I also feel like I always have a friend, someone to talk to, not to exclude my wonderful husband.

    2. I had a hard childhood and my mom always found a way to provide for us.

  37. One thing I live about being a mom is that the live my son shows me, I don’t receive it from anywhere else!!

    My mom passed away last year from breast cancer but she’s still in my heart. She was the best mother and she would do anything for anybody. This will be my first Mother’s Day without her but her loving spirit lives on !!

  38. One thing I love about being a Mom — I love seeing who they are becoming! I have 3 kids, twin boys who are almost 14 and a daughter who is almost 11 and they are all so special and unique in their own ways.
    Something I appreciate about my Mom is her selfless nature. She is always taking care of others and looking for ways to help others. She is an amazing woman!

  39. I love being a boy mom because my son is ALL boy and he just loves everything in this amazing world that God has created. Animals, plants, the outdoors, etc! He also likes to cook with me, so that’s fun!

    I am so thankful for my mom and the example she gave me as a hard worker. She went back to school after having 3 girls, got her RN degree and worked so hard after my dad had to medically retire earlier than most. She put all three of us through college and we never went without!

  40. I love being a Mom to my 14 year old son especially when he reminds me something I thought him. ❤ I love my Mom because the older I get I see how good of a person she is and how she loves to have fun. ❤

  41. Diana Gudeman says:

    My mother is the most caring selfless woman I know! As I’ve grown and become a mother myself, I have realized how much she sacrificed of herself so I could have what I need. She is a godly praying woman, and I’ve felt those prayers carry me through difficult times in my life. As far as being a mom myself, I love watching the learning process as my babies have grown, and as they’re reaching their teen years, I love seeing our parent/child relationship develop into friendship along side the parenting role.

  42. One thing I love about being a mom is to experience the unconditional love, both ways. And that helps to understand Gods love in another way.
    And my mom is my best friend and I know that she is always praying for me and my family. I couldn’t be the person I am today without her!

  43. I love how my mom grew with me through all my stages, childhood, teens, college, marriage, and now as a grandparent. She knew when to give me space and when to ask questions, but it was always appropriate to the stage I was in, gradually becoming such a sweet friendship. I can still see her reading her Bible at our kitchen table in the morning before we would wake up and know I am who I am because of her prayers.

  44. My favorite thing about being a mom is getting to see God reveal himself to and through my boys (all 4 of them). My favorite thing about my mom is how she loves and cares for other people.

  45. Meg Pitts says:

    Thanks so much for putting out great thoughts and ideas for raising boys! I love doing life with my boys, even on the hard days! I can’t wait to see who they grow up to be!