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  1. Gina Winn says:

    I loved this episode about celebration. A few years ago I made a ceramic ‘celebration’ dinner plate for our family. I’m not very artistic so it isn’t much to look at but it comes out for big Celebrations and small. Birthdays, good news-got a job, a good mark on an exam, scored a goal, got baptized, etc, etc. anyone that visits can be blessed with it at a meal too. (Grandparents, boyfriends, etc)
    And if it’s on the table, someone walks in and asks with excitement what we are celebrating. It’s a small thing but a fun way to celebrate all the things. 😊

    1. I love that, Gina! Thank you for sharing. Come to think of it, I made a plate like that years ago and never pull it out. 🙂 Glad for the reminder!!

  2. Hello Monica,

    My name is Alondra, I just want you to know that I love to listen this podcast it has been a blessing to me. The last 2 podcast you mention about miscarriage which is a new topic for me , I have one boy and 3 miscarriages, and what I have to say is not easy go through, that really hurt my heart. But listening the last episode really give me hope to keep trying and don’t give up.

    Thank you so much for being a voice who brings a new perspective during my journey like a mother.

    1. Thank you so much Alondra. I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through and so glad the podcast brought a bit of encouragement. Big hugs to you-