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  1. Kara Hilburger says:

    Would love to win a copy of the book. Just left a review. Absolutely love the podcast.

  2. Megan Faltys says:

    I love your blog and your real ness and faithfulness. Congrats on this amazing accomplishment! I need to read your book… raising boys is HARD! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂 yes, it is…but you can do it well! Hope the book helps! 🙂 XO

  3. I’m thrilled about this podcast. I loved hearing your boys ask you questions. They love their momma! I haven’t purchased the book yet, but just left a review on iTunes! Keep up the good work Monica!

    1. Thank you so much Alex! Glad you’ve enjoyed the podcast and truly appreciate the review!! Hope you can read the book too…Much aloha-

  4. Holly Fuller says:

    I listened to the podcast today! Ordered my book on August 5th and I think I get it tomorrow!!! I’m hoping to win a free copy to share with a friend. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  5. I am so excited for the Boy Mom book! I hope that God continues to bless you and your family on this journey! I love listening to the podcast and get so excited when I see a new episode is available! Continue sharing the good word!

  6. Aloha! One of these days I’ll make it back to the islands. My kids have never been.
    I left a review on lots of different retail sites. Congrats!
    You rhyme all the time? Like Fezzik, the guy from Princess Bride 🙂
    I’ve been told the way to improve one’s own writing is to be an avid reader. Blogging is great advice. It does help, getting in the habit of writing.

  7. Christina says:

    Thank you! Enjoyed hearing the boys ask you questions. And yes, ordered the book!

  8. Leaving a comment here to thank you for such great content as a fellow boy mom of 4. I left a review on iTunes and already recommended this podcast to a fellow boy mom (of 3) friend. Like you said there were some areas that I felt good about but some things that really made me think! Looking forward to reading the book.

  9. Scarlett Martin says:

    I am a military mom raising twin 4 1/2 year boys. God spoke to me in 2017 and told me you are going to give up your career and homeschool your children. I keep thanking God for the opportunity and asking please guide me and direct me to do it your way! I am totally dependent on the Holy Spirit to lead me everyday in raising my sweet boys! Thus, I want to say I am so, so thankful God directed me to BoyMom! I can’t wait to read the book! Congrats, God is going to continue to use you, your walk, family and your book to bless many lives!! I love the podcast! Thank you-Scarlett

  10. Yes Monica! Congrats! I hope everyone who reads this book is blessed.

    P.S This podcast is SO hilarious!

  11. This book is such an encouragement to moms! Practical advice for raising men of noble character & heartfelt love for every stage of her boys lives!

  12. Amy Pesavento says:

    Yay, Congratulations!! I am part of the launch team and have read your stuff since the early days of the MOB Society. I can’t wait to finish reading the book and share it with others (I have 2 extras to share, thx!). I have reviewed it on both Amazon & GRs, posted it on social media and pray that it will reach other moms out there. Best of luck and thank you for you words and heart!

  13. Stacy Meade says:

    I would love an opportunity to win! Congratulations on the book! Love, Stacy – boy mom

  14. Congratulations! I have 3 boys and 1 girl! SO inspiring!
    Thank you

  15. Monica! I am so thrilled for you and for all of us mommas who will be able to benefit from your hard work and accomplishment! Your blog has truly been a gift in my life. The wisdom, insight and encouragement you’ve given has been life changing. Now, when I’m feeling discouraged or lost in a situation with my son, the first place I turn to is your blog. I continually find a positive and beautiful path to embark on when things in the house feel muddled. This book will be such a valuable and treasured tool!!! Much love!

  16. Congratulations Monica!!! I just ordered 10 copies and will share with all my ‘boy mom’ employees and friends. You are amazing. It’s been so inspiring and rewarding to share your journey with you. Thanks for letting us all tag along. 😊 Much Aloha to you and the family! Xoxoxoxoxox

    1. wow, Rhonda!! That’s amazing!! Thank you so very much. Let me know when you’re back on the North Shore! I’d love to see you. Much aloha and truly, thank you for all of the encouragement over the years!! xo

  17. Tina Blackman says:

    I was part of the launch team. Loved reading the book! I have followed your blog for years & have enjoyed it too. I left a review this morning on Amazon. Praying over the success of your book & the increase in membership for your blog & podcast. Blessings to you!

  18. I am so excited!!! I have followed you for several years (at least 5, because I was a boy mom of two then, before my daughter was born!) and I really identified with you as a fellow boy mom (I still do, even with my princess added to the mix now!) I’ve enjoyed being a boy mom more than I ever knew I could. Turns out I’m pretty good at Legos and I have a high affinity for noise and snuggles. I love that you are there for “us” – collectively, the moms of the world. Celebrating with you on this day!

  19. Wow! Congratulations Monica! Looking forward to reading ‘Boy Mom’. Enjoy your celebrations!

  20. I have rated and left a review for this awesome podcast, and my pre-ordered copy of “Boy Mom” should be arriving today! I find your words so encouraging, and I had a lot of fun listening to your boys interview you today. Congrats on your book release!

    1. Terrific, adorable podcast! Your boys rock and you should be very proud of them. Congratulations on your written and biological (motherly? Procreative?) achievements!