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  1. Leonora Found says:

    What struck me most about this podcast was the Grace that God gives us parents. So often I beat myself up because I am not getting it right. But as Ruth said, we are not meant to be perfect but lean on God for all his love and guidance. And then challenging our teenagers to think about their motivation behind their social media posts. Following this podcast, we have had some great and thought provoking discussions with our children. Thank you to you both.

  2. Thank you both for your tramsperancy and just sharing the wisdom God gave you. What are some devices that you two mentioned for monitoring other devices or limiting usage? Can you please give some examples?

  3. What an awesome podcast, full of great ideas and encouragement! I thought Monica’s comparison of parents being “digital immigrants” while our boys are “digital natives” was very true. Sometimes I feel I’m at a real disadvantage not really understanding how to use apps like Snapchat.