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  1. This advice is gold, Monica. You nailed it with “healthy marriages are built on strong friendships.” The little things you mentioned — authentically showing interest and asking genuine questions — are the tiny granules that, when lumped together, comprise quite a bit of the foundation of a positive, loving relationship.

    I’m off to make a list! 🙂

  2. Great post Monica 🙂 After 27 years of marriage, you definitely have to reignite some of those old interests or habits that you gave effort to in the beginning.

    Marriage requires effort and constant give and take to be good.

  3. OK, so when my husband comes home from CrossFit every morning, I can tell by his various groaning and stretching movements that he is just dying for me to ask him all about his workout of the day. I usually mildly ignore this and don’t ask him because, well, I’m just not that interested in CrossFit. But, after reading this, I am inspired to show a little interest and start asking!
    Thanks, Monica, for the inspiration!!

  4. It’s interesting how the small, seemingly inconsequential, things reveal what’s truly inside of our hearts.
    Getting invited into my husband’s interests is special because he is spending time with me, even if I don’t follow every detail. ☺