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  1. Penny Nakamura says:

    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ANNIVERSARY, AND your son getting his driver’s license! I remember when my son got his license, it was truly a blessing, one less child to chauffeur around :), and great for picking up the others from practice!
    Would love to have coffee with you in person, hopefully this summer, as I’ll be at our family home on the North Shore most of the summer, starting in mid-July.
    Much Aloha, the photos are beautiful!

    1. Thank you Penny! Yes, loving having Josiah driving! Coffee will happen this summer! I’m back here also in mid-July, so I’ll be looking for you at church! 😉 Aloha my friend!

  2. Kerri Brigham says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY from West Palm Beach Florida🌞✨🌴

  3. Your son wrote a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing.

    1. OH thank you! I love it too. He has quietly worked on it for a long time and I had no idea, so it was extra special to me. Much aloha–

  4. 20 years is truly something to celebrate! Enjoy your time. Try not to talk about the kids too much…

  5. Super jealous of your beaches! Though can’t complain….I’m actually on a beach in S. Turkey at the moment! Have a fun time away.

    1. Wow! S. Turkey!? I’d love to be there one day. How fascinating!! Thanks for taking time to stop in and enjoy your time too! XO

  6. Six weeks of spring break?! That actually only sounds fun for the first two weeks. 😉

    I loved reading the link on long distance bff’s because I can really relate to it. Thanks for sharing!

    Off to read Josiah’s poem…


      1. Thank you so much!! Love to you and your family…XO

  7. I just subscribed to Josiah’s website! What an incredible kid with so much talent. His pics really make me miss you guys. Hugs

    1. Oh Heather! I have a feeling it will happen one day… 😉 XO Aloha-