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  1. Your words, “There are no hacks for character development. It is earned. There is a cost, and usually the parents must pay it first. ” WOW! We live in a culture continually looking for the “hack”, the easy way, and you are so right, there isn’t a hack for character development. It starts with me first and how I behave/respond, it is a long and continuous journey, that is how my boys will develop character. I need to pray for wisdom in this daily, moment by moment.

    1. Thank you so much Jessica! So happy that stood out to you (I think those words were originally my husband’s and I too loved them! :)) Keep pressing on — sounds to me like your heart is in the right place and you’re gonna do great! XO

  2. Emily Burgh says:

    Amazing! Though my oldest son is only 3 years old and reminds me of your Levi, this opens my eyes to the simple things I want him to joyfully do every day, like cleaning up toys, making his bed the correct way and not sloppy haha. I’m praying little by little my little guy is learning good character and perseverance. Thank you Monica!

  3. Moments like this are what memories are made of! Mindfully noticing that he did it- met the challenge of doing his best work. Excellent, Mama! My teacher and mom heart share your joy. There is magic and power in the tiny word: yet. Levi just didn’t get the math, yet. With your belief in him, he triumphed. In the classroom and at home I find any time I provide choices to kiddos- I get better engagement. Looks like you do a great job infusing your sons’ homeschool lives with preferred activities. Nailed it!

    1. Thank you, Shannon. Your perspective means so much to me because you do this all day (and night! :)) long…Thanks for the encouragement. And love your suggestion of giving kids a choice — helps them own things and be proud of their choices. XO Aloha-

  4. Erin Harvey says:

    Tears coming down my face while reading this! This is one of your most inspiring posts for me yet. I’m learning how to handle homework with my strong-willed 7 year old. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wisdom sweet Monica <3

    1. Oh that means so much to me, Erin. Glad the timing was good. Blessings and here’s to a great year ahead! 😉