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  1. Can I substitute the baking chocolate bar with more unsweetened Cocoa powder? If yes how much should i put? 1 cup?

    1. Hi Emmy. Sorry for the delay! I haven’t tried that substitute but it seems like it would work fine! LMK if you try it. And hope you enjoy! xo Monica

  2. Guanabana says:

    5 stars
    I have made recipe’s which are low carb before and they have always been disasters in my eyes. Let’s just say I would prefer no scones to something that taste’s like wallpaper paste. But…I tried this recipe and boy, they are better than your regular brownies! Now I am kinda sad I only made half the recipe 😀

    1. Yay, so glad to hear you enjoyed the brownies! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Big hugs-

  3. 5 stars
    These really do satisfy the sugar and chocolate cravings! I was skeptical that they would taste like a Larabar (“datey”) but like you said, you don’t taste the dates or refined coconut oil at all! The 2nd time I made them I took out the cocoa powder and added extra dates (2-4 extra MEJULE dates for half a recipe baked in an 8×8 pan). They were even moister and sweeter! My 14 yr old Luke is esp. grateful for this recipe because he stopped eating refined sugar back in Feb. so for special occasions I make him these and date paste icecream 🙂

  4. 5 stars
    seems really good from the review, can i ask if i can substitute chocolate for more cocoa? thanks xx

    1. Hi Annmary! I Have not tried that, but I am always one to try subbing things for whatever I want to, so I’m going to say go for it! I would definitely only sub. Unsweetened chocolate since cocoa is unsweetened. but if you do use regular chocolate you would want to cut out some of the other sweet parts of the recipe (dates maybe?) Or go easy on the sweetened chocolate if you do use it! Let me know how it goes! aloha-

  5. 5 stars
    I made these for a New Year’s eve party. They were a big hit. People couldn’t believe that they were gluten-free, sugar-free. And, I was happy to have some leftovers the next day. I pinned them and will definitely be making them again. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. oh thank you so much Danielle! We also devoured ours and already my family is asking me to make more. 🙂 I appreciate you letting me know and also that you shared them on Pinterest! Blessings and Happy New Year!

  6. Christine says:

    These brownies are delicious! Finally a gluten-free and refined sugar-free brownie that actually tastes like a real brownie. These are fabulous! (I made some little slivers throughout the cooked brownies and then poured some heated 100% maple syrup mixed with cocoa powder over the top- yum!) My family, which is not gluten and refined sugar-free, thought they tasted like regular brownies! Thank you Monica!

  7. I’m on the Whole 30 yet again and dying for some chocolate! So I’m going to make these on Valentine’s Day. Question, though: how much sea salt should I put in? In the instructions it says to add the sea salt in the blender but in the ingredients sea salt isn’t listed. Thanks!

    1. Hi Alana–Oh wow, good for you…I haven’t done Whole 30 but I’ve heard that once you get through the hard part most people do feel great. So sorry about that — I need to go edit I suppose. I believe it was a 1/4 tsp. of sea salt…I know it’s really just a pinch. (I’m out of town now so will have to check my notes when I am home. :)) Hope you love these!!!

  8. Monica, Just double checking…the recipe says 2 baking bars (each 8 oz) but I am finding baking bars 4 oz per package. Do I really need to add two 8 oz bars? Thank you…I love reading your blog 🙂

    1. Wondering the same. Also, how much salt?

      1. Copying what i just replied to Erica:
        It won’t matter what form the baking bars come in, but the total I put in my (large pan) was 16 ounces…I honestly think you could get by with less since they have a serious chocolate flavor in them. I always encourage people to play around with things and see what works for you! 🙂 Thanks for asking.
        As for salt– my mistake (going to add that to the recipe post now!) I used just 1/4 tsp. Not much needed! 🙂 Thanks for asking and for being a part of my blog. You’re gonna love these brownies!!! xo

        1. I made these last night for our Valentines treat and they were amazing!!!
          I didn’t even feel bad for eating 3 😁

          1. I’m so happy to hear that! Thanks for taking the time to tell me! 🙂 Much aloha-

    2. It won’t matter what form the baking bars come in, but the total I put in my (large pan) was 16 ounces…I honestly think you could get by with less since they have a serious chocolate flavor in them. I always encourage people to play around with things and see what works for you! 🙂 Thanks for asking.

      1. Thanks, Monica! I ended up making them yesterday before I saw your comment and used a total of 8 ounces and they were quite good. I will add more next time and see how it changes the recipe. 🙂

  9. Catrien Drinkwater says:

    Lovely, I have a recipe for date and cashew fudge balls and I usually add cocoa for the chocolate version and roll it in desiccated coconut for a change. the recipe is literally 1 part nuts, (probably about 150g) blended fine to 2 parts fresh, unpitted dates. add about 5ml vanilla extract and it is good to go. if to dry I add a bit more dates. I use any nuts I have on hand and cocoa to taste if I want a chocolate flavour (cocoa is always unsweetened here in South Africa).
    Roll in to balls and into coconut if preferred
    refrigerate and enjoy

    1. Thank sounds so good–I’ll definitely be trying!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Aloha-

  10. Dates + Eggs, no nuts–genious!

    I love this, can’t wait to try these, thanks for sharing, Monica!

  11. I can’t wait to try these! I am on the sugar fast also. I am eating more fruit and staying away from my coffee creamer and coffee drinks!

  12. Question: Do you taste the dates at all? I don’t mind dates, but my kids aren’t fans. When I read the recipe to my husband he said “Ha, just use prunes.” He was joking, but then I got to thinking, “Why not?!” And we have prunes on hand in the fridge all the time here. Just a thought! 😊

    1. Good question. I did not taste dates at all, and my sons who do not like dates had NO idea they were in there. They ate the brownies without even realizing they were healthy! 🙂 Prunes…are worth a try but might give it a slightly different flavor. If you try it, let me know for sure! 😉 aloha-

  13. Berit Kawaguchi says:

    Thanks Monica. Going to make these this week hopefully!

    1. yay!! Let me know what you think. I’m so happy they turned out so well. 🙂 XO to you!

  14. Looks delish! I can’t wait to try these out. I recently found out I have to avoid gluten (at least for a while) for my eczema so I have been looking for good gluten free, lactose free sweet treats. Thanks!

    1. Oh sorry for that inconvenience..but hope it helps you to feel better!! 🙂 You’ll love these. So easy (except a little food processor mess! :)) but SO delicious!! XO

      1. 5 stars
        Thanks Monica! Just pulled some out of the oven and had a bite – absolutely delicious!!

          1. Freezable…Hmmm, I can’t think why not, but I have not frozen these yet! If you try it, let me know! 🙂 (sorry, we gobbled them down too fast this time. Will have to do another batch and freeze and then add that note to my post!) Aloha!

          1. Great, I have put a batch in the freezer so I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks again! 🙂

  15. Brownies are my absolute favorite dessert! But I am on the sugar fast also, so I’d like to try your recipe. Unfortunately coconut is one of the things I really don’t love. I’m not a great cook so I don’t know if I can substitute the coconut oil for something else? And would coconut oil actually give things a coconut-y flavor?

    1. Good question Kathy. I’m pretty sure you could just use olive oil, or even mix of veg. oil and olive oil…(I’m not an expert on these things, but that would be my guess.) Since there’s no butter, you’ll need something to give it that texture…Honestly, I didn’t taste ANY coconut in the brownies, but if you’re super sensitive to it, then you might notice. Hope some version of these work for you because they’re so good!

        1. Thank you Kate for the mention of refined coconut oil, great idea. 🙂 And also thanks for the suggestion of date paste. That would be super helpful!! Much aloha

      1. Yes, great idea. 🙂 Can’t really go wrong with butter!

    1. Awesome, thank you!! Will definitely check it out! 🙂