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  1. Melissa Gallagher says:

    Hi Monica!
    I love listening to your podcast and reading your emails with updates! I would love to hear about more health and fitness alongside the parenting wisdom! I found your podcast a few months ago and have been listening to the episodes from the beginning as well as the current ones so I don’t miss any updates. I am also reading through Boy Mom right now and am learning/absorbing so much! I have three boys, ages 14, 12, and 6, and currently life seems to be filled with crazy! Thank you for always being so open and honest and encouraging!

  2. Aloha!
    Our summer is also flying by. June was visiting family on the mainland and now home and trying to figure out what we need to do before school starts again. I have young kids ages 8 yrs, 6 yrs and a baby and would love to hear more about parenting with the gap. I feel so torn between my “big” kids and the baby. I feel like the bigs are missing out on things because the baby needs to be home napping and I am constantly juggling the nap schedule and waking baby up to take the bigs to events. My bigs are in public school for now but we are considering homeschooling so I’d also love to hear more about homeschooling with the gap and especially homeschooling when you don’t have a lot of family support and your spouse has a career that works long hours.

  3. Niki Boswell says:

    Love your emails, makes me stop and consider better ways and fills my Mom cup so that I can give to my kids. Love this Aloha collection and the other favorites you share. Thanks!!

  4. This update is great!!
    As for me, my husband and I have been focusing on our relationship, and it’s been such a blessing. We had drifted over the years and weren’t being intentional about our relationship. I am so very thankful that we’ve turned the ship around, even though we have more work to do. 💕

  5. Thank you Monica for all your hard work and info you share. I love your podcast and look forward to it every week. A and B topics for me but honestly I’ve loved everything you’ve shared so far. I’m curious to hear more about health too as I’m entering my mid-40s.
    We still have little kids and one in school so still trying to figure out summer and realizing we need to do more planning earlier on. Ha ha. We’ve mostly been focusing on swim lessons and our garden (and teaching sharing, patience, kindness, and regulation).

  6. I’m new to your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you and your family. It’s nice to hear from another fellow homeschooler and with 4 boys no less! I have 4 boys of my own 17 and under, so I’m inspired and encouraged as I read your posts. I would love to read more about homeschool especially in the high school years. And fun recipes are always a win!

  7. Jessica Soto says:

    I love reading raising amazing and do so mostly by audiobook. One day I will get through the entire thing.. but for now slow progress is still progress! My boys just took a cooking class today and brought home leftovers for lunch! I love that they are interested in learning how to cook..over the summer.

  8. Hi Monica. Love your podcast. I like the length…some podcasts out there are getting too lengthy which causes me to turn them off…
    I’d love you to share more health related things for us gals in the perimenopause season! 😊 Thanks for always living out of a generous heart.

  9. Andrea Flohr says:

    Monica thank you so much for your willingness to share goodness and wisdom, encouragement and truth to us who yearn for it. I have enjoyed keeping up with you for years and would love more topics about homeschooling as I homeschool my 4 kids (two teenagers in the mix) going on year eleven.

    What’s new in my life is I turned 40 in September and started a business of education consulting in West Virginia and wrote my first book (an Advent devotional called Running After Righteousness: A 25 Day Advent Journey Toward Jesus). I love Jesus with all my heart and thank you for inspiring me to start putting some of this stuff out to the world on a public Instagram forum @flourishingflohrs.
    Just hanging on tight to Him as the journey is moving faster everyday.


  10. Amber Butler says:

    Hi Monica! Oh I would love to really have coffee with you! Thank you for the encouragement- it brought me to tears as I had MY morning coffee here in East Tennessee. As a mom of four kids (Elizabeth (7), Will(6), Ben(4), and Sam(2) who just started the homeschool journey last year, I would love to hear more homeschooling advice! The way you tie in faith with education and character building (as you did in Raising Amazing) has been quite impactful. I am so thankful to the Lord for you!

  11. Hi Monica!
    I would love to hear more about recipes, any plant based meals / snacks recommendations as I’m trying to up my plant based game (& get my family somewhat on board 🤪).
    I’d also looove to chat more about perimenopause (hormones?!)! I’m in mid 40’s here, so it is coming my way! … and SLEEP! The good quality kind and the amount of hours I never seem to get enough of… #hellomomlife.

    Thanks for the coffee talk and goodies in your post! We are trying to have a chill (west Oahu) summer, with more beach and relax days, but boys and their sports and first summer actually trying out summer fun, is taking up a chunk of time. Summer is flying by too fast (as usual 😭)!
    Much Aloha to you and your fam 💙
    ~ Roxie

  12. Harvesting lots of fruit! Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries!
    Spending time with my aging mom with dementia.
    Attending a funeral and a wedding.
    Trying to stay caught up on chores in my house while keeping up with the outside chores.

  13. Watering, watering, and watering- we need rain so badly. I’m feeling about my garden how I typically feel in September- ready for a rest!
    Lots of celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings!
    Work vacation: getting things accomplished around the house.
    We need a relaxing vacation!

  14. I really enjoy the updates. Not much going on here as we’re in the middle of a move and it seems neverending lol hugs!

  15. Update from the Central Coast of Cali – sounds like you were just in our stretch of paradise!
    God opened a door about six months ago for me to go back to work part time. This is something I have prayed for for a few years. We said yes and for the most part it has been great…then summer. I have struggled to figure it all out between remote work, hanging with my boys, taking care of our home and myself…all the things. My point…I am thankful for the years I had to be single focused on my boys. I am thankful for the job God has provided. Oh Lord, help me transition into this new season with grace, mercy and gratitude. Amen.

  16. We just got back from ‘Cousin Camp’ (a few days of spending time at my sisters with her kids and my brothers kids). We are in TN and my boys got to ‘surf’ on a lake, and I couldn’t help but think of you and your boys surfing. My middle son LOVED it!
    I’m currently reading Habits of the Household bc of your recommendation and my oldest and I are reading Where the Red Fern Grows together based off your son’s recommendation. Thank you!

    I love all things about parenting! Personally though I do have a son dealing with anxiety so that topic would be near and dear to me.
    I also would love to see health and fitness tips especially from a Christian Mama! Recipes are ALWAYS appreciated. ☺️

  17. Hi! Thanks for sharing! I have two boys and we will be welcoming a baby girl in October! We’re all so excited! We are enjoying our last summer as a family of four! I will also be starting homeschooling this fall. That being said, please send all the homeschool topics and help! Thank you!

  18. Courtney Purvis says:

    Your spring/summer sounds amazing!
    I’m in a very introverted time in my life right now. I don’t leave the house unless I have to such as work and groceries. So my life is very quiet.
    I traveled to Alabama in late May to see my middle bonus son graduate from HS. From there, I traveled to London, England with my oldest bonus son and his college concert choir for a collaborative concert with the Universities of Auburn and Missouri. I was sick with sinus gunk and not really able to do everything i had planned, but what I did do and see was so much fun!
    I came home to Dallas for 2 weeks then flew to SC to pick up my youngest daughter who spent 3 weeks with my parents at their farm.
    Coming up, my middle kid is flying in from Alabama to spend a week with us. We are going to get lost in the Oklahoma mountains and rent a cabin for a long weekend while he is here. Then we only have about 2 weeks until school starts!

    I’d love to see more about healthy living and how to make friends when everyone around you seems to have enough already. I’m pretty lonely even after living here in North Dallas for 8 years.

  19. Hmmmm …. Since I’m staring down 51 peri/menopause posts def interest me 😉 Having a son who is headed to his 2nd year at the University of Virginia and a Jr in high school is definitely and fun season of parenting – boys to men phase! Online classes for Luke ( do I remember LU? – Lynchburg is home for me – come visit!). I

  20. Hello! This summer my husband and I took a 7K mile road trip from Florida across to the Midwest. The Badlands and many of our National Parks and the drive left me in awe of God’s hand in natural beauty. Plus with an empty nest now it was the first extended trip as a couple in a long time. Grateful.

    Would love more info on women’s health and menopause.

    Thank you for the various links.

  21. Hellooooo!
    I’m excited to try your recipe tonight (and mostly excited because now I don’t have to wonder what dinner will be 😉).
    I always love to see your recipes and would love to hear more on health/wellness and because we are a similar age, Peri-Menopause 🫣.
    I love listening to your podcasts and my favourite is when you have your boys on and sharing. My boys are 15 & 17, and they will both take the time to listen with me (or even on their own if I let them know) when one of your boys is on. I’m really excited about your current Proverbs series! It’s so relatable for my kids with great discussions afterwards.

    Thanks for sharing so much with the world! You are appreciated 🙏💕

  22. Elizabeth Breland says:

    I love your coffee date posts and look forward to your weekly emails, I always find something helpful in there be it a Bible verse or a new recipe or parenting tips! Everyone should sign up for your emails 🤗 more healthy eating tips and women’s health advice are always helpful in my opinion!
    One of of our family’s fave parts of summer is Fridays at the beach, my husband and two boys usually surf those days and if the waves aren’t cooperating we still try to enjoy a family day at the beach. Also, Friday evenings are family movie and pizza night. We read a short devotional after and we just began answering questions from these talking points cards that are helpful in getting the kids to open up and share ❤️
    Have a beautiful rest of your summer and God bless.

  23. Hi, Monica.
    What an awesome giveaway!!
    I love getting your emails and always am encouraged and challenged. Thank you for sharing your life with us! I am always up for hearing more parenting/family inspo and health/fitness along with some recipes or other things you are loving! <3
    Blessings to you and your family!!

  24. Hi, Monica!
    Update here – you may remember, but we got some great health news for my husband, so praising God with that! He starts a new Army unit on Monday, so if anyone reading this would just quickly pray for God’s saving grace to go out among the soldiers, please do (and mahalo/thank you!!!).

    Beyond that, we have had a lot of trials, and I pray this next season is one of healing, restoration, joy/delight, growing in depth of faith/the Word, and bringing our kids to a more disciplined and life-giving rhythm of learning about and knowing God more. My older two are saved, and I’m praying my younger two are, too.

    The podcast with Luke really inspired me (he’s got potential for deep theological study!), and I think Proverbs is a great place to start with that.

    Thinking of the bible, the book of Luke has really, really gotten my attention of late. All the nuts and bolts of Matthew and Mark, but also the full heart of God as seen in John. John’s still my favorite gospel, but Luke is really great.

    As far as more content, I love your homeschool and ministry posts, but it’s also really great to hear about health and general living. I like style posts, too, because it’s so easy to fall back into the same-old stuff (unless that same old stuff works!) so what you share is interesting and works nicely for warm weather. Hmm…maybe marriage encouragement could be a good one, too. It never hurts, and seeing you guys at the wedding was a nice thing. Perhaps an update from those you’ve interviewed or if you’re still benefiting from what they were promoting (i.e. “What if it’s Wonderful,” “Create Anyway,” etc.)

    Finally, YES Aloha bags. I’ve had my eye on a hip bag for a good while. Not many places make them waterproof – very important in Hawaii!

    Take care, and enjoy your coffee!

  25. Thanks for the quarterly update. I just finished Raising Amazing and am having my husband read it too so we can implement some of the wonderful ideas in your book. So this is the first quarterly update for me to read. Currently taking a break from the stress of life at the beach to only come back to a few busy weeks of camp and travel before school starts again. As far as future updates I always love health things but would also continue to love all family and kids help as well.

  26. So nice to have coffee with you! Have been enjoying the start of summer and time with my 2 adorable grandkids! Would love to o hear dome more health and fitness info, especially as it relates to menopause

  27. Kara Marks says:

    I love it when authors post family updates like this. I also love recipes.

  28. Hellooo! We are enjoying a warm but fun summer. I just found out I’m going to be an Auntie. I’d covet your prayers as the baby would be a rainbow baby if no when the baby makes it full term.
    Would enjoy hearing more on B and C. This year has been a lot of learning how to take care of my health plus my baby will start kindergarten in the fall and my oldest will be in 3rd grade. Two homeschoolers will be a change for us. Thank you for the coffee date! As alway enjoy xo

  29. I would love to see more parenting and homeschooling topics! I am in the middle of both with 5 & 9 year old boys. We are trying to do year round homeschooling but we have been so busy this summer we haven’t done any book work in weeks. We are still learning though! I can’t wait for the character training course!

  30. Hi monica, it’s great to hear about all of the adventures your family is going o even though we don’t get to catch up in person very often it’s wonderful to know how you are doing. I would love to hear more about your everyday life and how you maintain everything from juggling homeschooling everyday chores and all of your professional pursuits. Also how you find time with God. When, how and what.
    We are about ready to head on a road trip to see my parents on the central coast california. And then up to Sacramento to see my mom and sister. Looking forward to time with family.

  31. It’s crazy that we are already into July! My boys commented that “we go back to school next month” – wow!! My baby will start kindergarten in the fall and life will look very different here, with all 4 kids in school.
    We are continuing to work towards our adoption journey. God has placed this desire on us and although it’s taking longer than we planned and hasn’t exactly looked like the way we had planned, we know that He has it under control.
    In the beginning of the year, I felt God leading me to be a surrogate for a family that desires a child but is unable to carry their own due to medical issues. After lots of research and prayer, we have officially begun this journey. I am hopeful that I will be able to bless them with their baby next year.

    Thank you for sharing with us and always being open and real. I always love your family posts, especially interested in raising teen boys.

  32. Monica,
    Love all your updates and what is going on in your world! We have busy here on the NC coast. Summer camps, VBS, and visits with friends and family started out our summer. Two of littles have double ear infections and my baby just got hand/foot/mouth! So, we have taken a minute to rest and recharge (and not spread any of those lovely germs. The beach here is beautiful though and we did get to go out there today (at least some of us). My 11 year old is all about surfing these days and enjoys watching Luke on IG. We also went to a Dude Perfect show and that was so fun! I would love to hear more about homeschooling (I have homeschooled for about 9 years), health in the per-menopause years (I’ll be there soon),and parenting todays tween.
    Have a wonderful rest of the summer!

  33. Hi! I would love to hear more fitness topics for sure! My late Spring/Summer has been a rollercoaster but God has been so good and has continually showed me that He is pursuing me in His love and care. I found out in late May that I had breast cancer and was pregnant (huge surprise) in the same week. God allowed us to walk through excitement and fear and sadness in the next few weeks as we miscarried for the 3rd time. I just had my cancer surgery and everything went well. It’s a long story but He has been with me every step of the way!

  34. I love your quarterly catch-up messages. Summer has been crazy for our whole family, mostly surrounded by baseball for my DS11, and prepping to send DS18 off to freshman year of college. DD20 came home for four weeks this summer (that’s all!!!) before she went back for training.
    I would love to hear more about health, as peri/pre-menopause is that phase of life I am in right now.
    Looking forward to your new book. I passed off Raising Amazing to one friend to read (she has four kids too, 13yo to 5yo). She is a huge Sarah Mackenzie fan, so I knew she would love your book too.

  35. Catherine R says:

    What fun updates!! Although we homeschool all year, we’re in full summer mode with our kids. Currently I’m at our cabin enjoying some much needed time relaxing and having fun on the lake. As a mom of young kids I particularly love when your share about how you navigated those years and fostered such a strong foundation of faith for your boys. Thanks for all you do, and I’ll share about this post on my Instagram.

  36. Wow those two verses you shared were so helpful. God is definitely working through you so timely. I would love to hear more on parenting tips – how to grow independence in a child (6 and 8) without raising them too fast. It’s so hard to discern whether I’m sheltering them too much. But yes Peri-Menopause – I’m listening. None of my friends understand so please share. Thank you!!!!

  37. I love reading your posts. I enjoy articles on health & fitness in midlife, as well as learning about new books coming out.
    I recently started a new job at age 60, and just signed up to be a year-round volunteer with Operation Christmas Child. I’m excited for new chapters of life & new opportunities God gives me.
    Blessings to you and your family!

  38. summer has gone by way too fast! but looking forward to a summer family trip down to alabama with my parents, my sibs and all our kids! never been so we are all looking forward to it! 4th of july is my fav holiday so was so fun having my lil one get to experience his first ever town parade which is amazing!
    also Homeschooling topics is a good one as i’m unsure but possibly flirting with the idea that i would eventually have to homeschool when my lil baby gets of school age.

  39. Emma Johnson says:

    Dearest Monica,

    I am always inspired by you. I have been on the blog for 6 years now, and I always come away edified and motivated. I would love more health/fitness posts.

    As for me, I started mental health therapy for my anxiety disorder in April. I am working two jobs and plan on a trip to Canada in September. My life is pretty blessed right now, I go fishing almost every night and have Christian friends who support me. Most if all, I am closer to the Lord than I have ever been.


  40. Diane Plummer says:

    My first time reading your coffee break. I loved it. I live here in Delaware, it’s getting very hot and muggy here. I can’t wait for your next one.

  41. I wish I had experienced menopause naturally but the cancer meds sent into menopause early so I have no advice there.

  42. Kristin Sparkman says:

    I always love our coffee dates. We are loving our warm Oregon summer. It is so great. Trying to get as much golf and pool time as we can. Those Aloha bags look great. I am like you and love having my people home. it is so great having my son home from College for the summer. I love all your content but for feed back I guess I’d say A and B and C as well. I can always use more recipes and fun surfing pictures. Thank you for all you do and I can’t wait to hear more about the new book. 🙂

  43. JoAnn Hawthorne says:

    Would love to see more health/fitness! My update, it’s been 11 months since my son unexpectedly passed away. My husband and are are currently attending a conference put on by The Compassionate Friends. They are a support organization for those you have lost a child. On my path to healing.

  44. Summer has been interesting with a kid who needed surgery. Vacation plans put on hold for yet another year. There’s definitely been disappointment, but we’re still trying (and I feel like we’re failing) to have fun.
    As for content, all of it! I love a mix over the same couple of topics on repeat.

  45. Whew! We spent the last couple weeks moving and settling into a new location…got out of the city and back to country life and all its glories(including skunk smell waking a person up in the middle of the night). Thanks for the coffee chat. Have loved many of your recipes shares. You like lentils? Will have to send you a great recipe I have enjoyed lately.

  46. Katy Troxell says:

    Hello from Indiana! My boys are almost 16, 10 and almost 5 so we’re all over the place with different activities and interests this summer! I love your podcast and enjoy listening while I walk. Getting back to health & fitness is a priority so more of those tips, please! And I would love those bags as we take our first family trip to California this month!! 😊

  47. Melissa R says:

    I am so excited for your new book!
    I would love to hear about health and fitness stuff as well as parenting. I’ve loved everything you have written so far.

  48. So fun to read your posts! I especially love the parenting tips, stories, encouragement, and advice…can’t get enough of those! I’ve been enjoying your updates on Luke, as my husband has recently gotten me into following WSL with him (we watch all the competitions on YouTube and even have filled out WSL fantasy surfing brackets for a little friendly competition).

  49. Colleen Fernandes says:

    I have never been to Hawaii. We are on a quest to visit all 50 states. We have finished 45 and will be doing two more this year. Hawaii will be one of the last three that we do next year. We are probably going to the big island of Hawaii and Oahu. I am so excited to go!

  50. Melissa Nagel says:

    Love having a coffee chat/update with you! It has been a wonderful summer here in Ohio full of play and rest and extra family time! I would love to hear more about health/fitness and menopause. Enjoy the rest of your summer!💕☀️

  51. Love seeing a family stay close and devoted to Jesus together – you have a beautiful family ❤️

  52. Aloha, Monica, and thank you for the update! It’s always fun to read the coffee date posts. Why is it that summer always flies by? We are midway through summer here and as a double teacher family the school year is looming near. Love my job, but love free time, even more, especially spending time with the family! We are so fortunate to be coming to the islands for a couple of weeks at the end of the month. We can hardly wait! Next year will have both boys in high school. As for my feedback, I would love posts or even a book on keeping your family connected as kids launch into college and beyond. Still a couple of years away for our family, but something I think about often. I really want my kids to live their lives and follow their own paths, but I wonder how we will stay closely connected if we end up living far apart? Pre-menopause info is always appreciated. And, your recipes tend to become regulars in our house. This week alone, I made your fish tacos and banana cake. Soak up the rest of the summer and have tons of fun!

  53. Jodi Hunter says:

    I so love recipes. Thanks for this amazing giveaway.

  54. Stephanie D. says:

    Thrilled about the updates!! Excited to see the ways the Lord has been using you and your family! I have been following along with the “boy mom” now Monica podcast for SO long. I love gleaning from your wisdom. I have One little boy (not even a year yet) and a two year old girl. We have been staying busy this summer. We are following along from Georgia!

  55. I just received your book, Raising Amazing and hope to start getting into it soon (after I finish reading the 2 other parenting books I have going…ha!). I have 2 littles (a boy, 10 and girl 5). We started implementing daily chores couple months ago and it really feels life changing seeing them take initiative on their own. I am a truly single mom after their father passed a little over 6 months ago. I wonder if you might be able to share more about that aspect of parenting? Appreciate all you do and share. Thanks for being a resource!

  56. I’m so happy for how God is working through you and your family. He is so good! Our family is blessed to be starting our 5th year of homeschool. It’s a new season for us because our baby now toddler is all over the place and that brings new challenges. I’d like to see more on the topic of homeschooling 🙂 God bless.

  57. I love your updates and while reading I’m enjoying a cup of Haleakala Sunrise coffee with a little coconut creamer. Summer is my favorite time of year and we have been going, going, going with fun activities like going to Wild Waves, bike rides, beach trips. I would like more parenting and health topics and recipes, too. Thanks!

  58. The beginning of our summer was real busy, but I feel like we’ve slowed down into a “normal” pace now. I need to order our homeschool curriculum for this next year this weekend! I’d love to hear more about your homeschooling experience, especially with boys! Some days it is just really hard to help my oldest stay focused, and he can get into a really negative mindset. (I have been listening to Mind Your Mindset though and was excited to see your podcast episodes with Megan!

  59. Love these updates! We’re enjoying summer and all the full days of kid activities 🙂 I would love to hear more about homeschooling! Specifically identity in Christ (which I know you talk about often!) and any fun curriculums or workshops you’re enjoying 🙂

  60. Hi Monica!
    Thanks for the update💙
    I can’t give any feedback because I haven’t followed you for so long, but here are my updates!
    My baby boys (Irish twins, 1.5yr and 7 mo) and I will be taking a trip to see family to seek comfort and care for those affected by my grandfather’s passing. My husband recently did a scientific study on parakeets, and after all this, we’re packing up and moving across the country for our next adventure!
    I think your suggestions on material are all good! What I would like to see most, as it pertains to me, is on health in relation to taking care of yourself in the busy life of a mom. I’ve been struggling with post-partum, and on top of life struggles, it’s just so hard to make my health a priority when my focus is on God and the calling I’ve recieved for my place in my family. It sure has not been easy, and I’d like hear from other moms about how they have managed to juggle everything from naptimes to their own showertime! There never is a dull moment as a mom, and I wouldn’t trade it for it for anything, but boy, a nice long nap would be nice! 😂💙

  61. B

    We just got back from a month long road trip (75 hours total in the car! 😬) visiting family and friends. Home just in time to host a 4th of July party. 😜 The rest of July is with friends coming to visit and then we get ready for school in August. I’m almost finished homeschooling 😳one (22) in the Army, one (20) graduated from college, one (18) just starting college and the youngest (16) doing 4 classes at the community college but dual credit. Crazy! They used to be little. 😂 I’ve followed your blog (grom mom) since the beginning. Or kids have “grown up” together!

  62. We have had a busy but beautiful summer thus far. Lots of time with friends and family, and soaking up the sun as much as possible! Would love more fitness/women’s health-hormone health content. Your content is always so encouraging. Love and appreciate all that you do!

  63. Monica – thank you so much for always sharing your heart and your family 🙂 I have been following you/reading your books since shortly after my first son way born in 2019. Since then I have had 2 more boys and feel like I officially call myself a “boy mom” since we are likely don’t having kids (unless God has other plans 🙂 and we 100% accept that!)
    I have been immensely blessed by your practical wisdom, real life application and the grace that you walk through motherhood with! I so relate with you talking about enjoying the current season you’re in without comparing to others or even my own expectations of myself. As I read your coffee chat and while typing this message I am going on my 4th hour of the day doing contact naps with my 2 month old to help him get settled back into his sleep routine. I made myself go to our basement so I could ignore the mess in my kitchen/floors that need to be vacuumed/toys that need to be organized because I know today I just not the day those things are going to get done, not matter how much I wish those tasks were just taken care of. Thank you for that beautiful reminder!
    In terms of feedback, I love what you share!! We will be starting homeschool in about a year and that details of what that will look like is often looming in the back of my mind so any wisdom in that area is also much appreciated!
    With love,

  64. Monica, I love reading your constant real encouragement weekly. Thanks for being real. I appreciate the hard stuff and little things moms can do such as “little surprises” -a fun one -to encourage the teens. This year we send our youngest to college. I would love a few suggestions on pod casts and links that your boys love. Better than a mom endorsement (: sorry ). Kids often have jobs they can listen to at work as well as best tips to prepare kids to head off to college. What do you do the month before, week and day before college. Best summer read precollege.

    Thank you. Amy

  65. Rendi Cantu says:

    Summer is a bit slower for me this year. I have two that have graduated now and one more in high school who is a Sophomore. I would love to keep hearing your parenting tips!

  66. It’s been a super fun and full summer. Can’t believe school is already starting back in a month!😭 I’d like more: C. Homeschooling topics and D. Recipes.

  67. Lori Byrd says:

    More of B. Please. I don’t really have any updates in my life. My grandkids keep me busy with all their activities. Thank you.

  68. Since my kiddos have all graduated from homeschool, I can do without that info at the moment. I love recipes and just stories – especially from HI since we lived there a few years.

  69. My 16 year old son has been away doing mission work at a boys camp. I would like more on A and focusing on teenagers /early adults and prayers and B. Woman health

  70. Christina says:

    We love the Heros then and Now series! We especially enjoy reading ones about all the women missionaries who I didn’t k ow a lot about. Betty Greene is one of my boys’ favorites.

    Keep on with the parenting help! You are so inspiring! 😀

    1. Kayla Colvin says:

      Thanks for this!
      Would love a homeschooling specific book from you. It’s been such a joy home educating and requires so much intentionality..
      Our big news is that we are adopting! We are knee deep in the process of adopting embryos (embryodonation.org/adoption) and should hopefully have our first transfer before the year ends. God called us to stand up for life and it lead us to this – we are so grateful!
      With that, I am baking at least 4 loaves of sourdough a day to fund raise for the adoption – it’s been busy! Yet such a gift to be partnering with God to defend the defenseless.
      Thinking these bags would be awesome for our birth bag 🤞🏼🤙🏼