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  1. Mark Heinze says:

    5 stars
    These bowls are great but you left out the Starfruit bowl. It’s very similar to Acai however, it’s bright pink instead of dark purple and has less sugar. It has a lot of antioxidants and is delicious. Kids love the color which is almost florescent.
    Kids all up and down the California coast love all of these bowls.

    1. Yes, there are so many bowls now, and all so good!…But I think you might mean the dragonfruit (or pitaya) bowl? Starfruit is not bright pink, but the pitaya fruit, (also called Dragonfruit) is. https://www.pitayaplus.com
      It’s definitely a fun new trend–all of these bowls! Thanks for commenting!! ALOHA!

  2. These look delicious – thank you for posting! If I didn’t have a foot of new snow on the ground, I’d be going to Costco this morning to look for frozen açaí. Hopefully tomorrow! 🙂

  3. We were loving acai bowls on our trip to Hawaii last summer. Now I can make them at home- thanks! And no matter where you live, a Costco run is always in your near future, right? Do you think frozen pineapple would work in a pinch? Also, have you ever frozen ripe avocado for future smoothie use? I might need to upgrade from my standard “got it as a wedding gift” blender…

    1. Shannon–Yay. And yes! I haven’t used frozen pineapple, but I’m sure it is just fine. And I totally forgot to mention that my green bowls were actually made using frozen cubed avocado! I had frozen what was left of our home-grown avo a while back and the ones in the photos were store-bought and not ripe! 🙂 SO, I used my frozen ones and they worked just fine! (Maybe even better because it adds to the texture.) I say yes to the upgrade too. A vita-mix is a big investment, but everyone I know who has one actually gets their money’s worth! Aloha —