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  1. This entire series you’ve done has been wonderful! I just love the idea of repeating positive thoughts over & over & over again. Those repetitive thoughts become a new truth and reality, and it’s amazing the transformation that it can lead to if we let it. Thanks for sharing these hacks with us.

  2. So interesting… After reading this post yesterday, I tuned into my internal dialogue. Mostly negative thoughts, with a few neutral mixed in. Not a single positive thought about myself, my accomplishments, etc. It was eye opening in a scary way. I would never talk to a friend in that manner. While cognitively I can state that I am an accomplished, attractive person; the internal commentary states a different story. What is it that makes some of us tune into the flaws and tasks left unfinished rather than the strengths and gifts we possess? This surely isn’t the attitude I use to view others. I am going to try to change this, but I think it is going to be hard. I think the repetition you suggest will help.
    I bought a book called The Beck Diet solution awhile back that aims to change your thinking about food and weight loss with a series of written exercises. As life happens, I set it aside. Perhaps this is a good time to commit to completing it.
    I tell my kids all the time” You can either build somebody up or tear them down with your words. The choice is yours.”
    Time to apply it to myself.

  3. Dede Thies says:

    I love the practice of saying it over and over! I often talk myself out of my workout and blame it on how busy I am and I should be the one to “sacrifice” the thing I do for myself, “for the good of others!” I actually try to sensationalize it by making myself the martyr. YUCK! Not good! I’m going to try this with body image, but also….. when I’m thinking negative things about my hubby or kids not helping out. I never complain out loud. However, if they could HEAR what I say to myself! I know it is just perpetuating negativity! Whew! I’m practicing right now:)

  4. Fantastic idea of repeating truth-mantras…almost like an hourly meditation. Words are SO powerful, and it’s easy to forget the power we’re wielding with our self-talk (even if it’s never spoken out loud). The past few days I’ve been working hard to remember to “choose life” (Deuteronomy 30:11-19) in every way. Sometimes that means a sweaty workout, or a good meal, or a long talk with a friend, or sleep, or just stillness in the presence of Jesus.

    Your whole Life Hacks series has been a great encouragement. Thank you for the share! xo