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  1. I love your parents & what a tribute to your Dad!!! loved this post & looks like you just gave your Dad the best Father’s Day present!!!! He most certainly is blessed to have you as his daughter❤️

  2. Patricia Kinsman says:

    I’ve always liked your dad and after reading this I like and admire him even more.

  3. One of my favorite things my dad ever did was for my sister. When she graduated college and moved back home, he made her pay a small amount of rent to get used to paying out money every month. When she saved up enough to buy a condo and was moving out, he gave her back all the money she had paid in rent so she could buy some new furniture. He said he didn’t need the money, he just wanted her to learn what it was like to pay rent. I tell this story often because so often parents just give their kids everything and kids don’t learn how to do things on their own. He had us working summer jobs by the time we were 14 doing things like pulling weeds and painting curbs. He taught us, in his words “the value of a dollar”. For me, he made me put $1,000 of money I earned working in an ice cream stand when I was 16 into an IRA account. I was so mad at him that summer. I never added to it again (although I set up other accounts over the years) and now it has over $20,000 in it just because of the interest. I’m truly grateful for my dad!!

    1. Heidi, thank you so much for sharing those lessons from you Dad. Sounds like he was super smart and intentional. Love all of that money stuff (I have a ways to go with the money stuff–learning and working on it now!) Love that IRA story–awesome! Much aloha to you and Happy Father’s Day to your dad! 🙂

  4. Monica~ That is so wonderful! What an amazing post of what a father should be. I may just make my boys read it!


  5. My dad used to have a sign on his desk that said, “Never ask someone to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself.” He always treats everyone with respect, and I aim for the same goal. Thank you for a great post!

    1. Great lesson, Nikki! Love that. (and it sounds like something my dad would say, too. 🙂 Good men are hard to find but so so special! Aloha-