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  1. Thank you for this. My son accessed porn today. And I felt devistated. I truly was not prepared for this. As I thought I had enough blocks on internet use to protect him. It breaks my heart that he still believes in Santa, but his eyes have seen things I had never even seen!!

    1. Thank you Shellie–That was super well done!! I will share that for sure. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Monica for this post. As parents, we all need all the help we can get to navigate the child-rearing waters. I’ll keep the site you recommended and share with others. I will include it as part of my web site as well.

  3. With having four kids and two grown. I find being transparent about the dangers of online curiosity is a must. Boys aren’t the only gender now getting addicted to porn they found via the internet, girls are now the largest growing group consuming pornography via the internet. That is the world we live in. As a software engineer, I’ve employed every possible tactic from software, to checking up, to stopping entry via my server, and my kids still found ways around it. Like video games offer the option to surf the internet, cellphones, tablets and the list goes on. Even with open communication, kids have an honest curiosity so stay ever vigilant. Youtube is also a very dangerous place for kids to hang out online, Anime and Magna seem innocent but have high sexual content. Also, kids can do a search and just look at the ‘images’ without ever seeming to go on a ‘bad’ adult site. Parents who don’t believe their kids will desire to continue to view images once they’ve been exposed is naive and should monitor their kids while online.

    1. well said, thank you. So many good points in there it makes me want to write a follow up post about sites with images and not full-blown porn. SO important to remember that!! Thank you thank you.

    2. Hi, thank you for sharing that! My 7 and 9 yr old girls have recently gotten into Pokemon and they like anime cartoons so far. I think the things they’ve seen are pretty innocent, but what should i be watching for with anime shows? I have let them watch their show via YouTube, but it is always in our family room, where the tv and pc are easily seen. I’m just wondering what to watch for – particlar shows etc. – esp with anime.

      I am looking into getting a parent safety filter for the pc. Do these protect against sexual anime (since they are in cartoon form)?

      1. My daughter said Anime and Magna is very tricky. If you stick to the ‘K’ series you will be okay, but as your child watches more, they may tend to slip into series that aren’t rated. All of them have scantily clad females and ‘feminate’ men she told me. It is really marketed to adults in Japan, older kids. She advises the parent watch it with the child or before letting the child view. It’s not out right porn she said, it’s just really sexy for the women and boys sometimes have ‘crushes’ on each other.

      2. I am devastated because today I figured out my 11 year old son has saw images through anime. We do not allow internet use in our house. He asked if he could do “how to draw” anime figures videos. I saw no harm and let him. I saw the drawings (he hid them) and couldn’t believe the nude images. I went straight to the history of the computer and I was stunned at the images. How could this have happened?? I thought I was so careful. Beware of anime. It is out of my house now. I appreciate this article. Wish I would’ve saw it sooner. My stomach aches. It was a lot. I am so tired of over sexualizing woman all the time, everywhere. It has really hit me since I have become a parent.

      3. I would HIGHLY suggest staying away from ALL anime except pokemon! Especially on YouTube!

        1. Thank you! I have read some things about anime recently so this is interesting to hear from you. Appreciate the comment.

      4. Christina says:

        Dear Jamie-
        I have a 8 year old daughter so pretty close to both of your girls age well she was exactly the same way, she loved all the kids animated movies, animated shows, animated video games and it was a nice relief you know at least with those you don’t have to worry about what their innocent eyes will see ( or so I thought ) Welp (she uses my email address) anytime she goes on the Google Playstore or anytime she signs into YouTube and I was completely 1000% shocked by what I came across, it was a Pornhub video that for whatever weird sick twisted strange reason was titled
        -Minecraft Sex- and I swear to god it showed everything and I mean literally every single thing. I felt like whoever titled it Minecraft Sex was maybe hoping children or just any younger people in general (especially those who play the Minecraft game) would be curious enough about it possibly or just go ahead & click on it cause of the title you know. I was both confused, startled, shocked, sad and upset though like I’m still even multiple days later sitting here trying to comprehend that now my little, fragile, innocent 8 year old sweet baby girl knows what a penis looks like now cause of that beyond disgusting video. It’s sad to think about and horrible when it happens!

        Also the reason I have her use my email address is since I figured that way anything important that I truly need to be aware of will definitely go straight to my email welp, somehow that video still was able to find it’s way to her 🙁 🙁

  4. Nidia Olivas says:

    Wow, Momica! This one hit home! I am just lije you, a optimistic mom about my children staying chaste of mind and body until marriage, and that they won’t do bad because I truly believe in God’s protection; however, temptations are not controlled, right? I am so concerned about pornography if just any type. It is one powerful weapon the Devil is using to destroy families, but I teuly trust in the Divine Providence of our Lord, and to inform ourselves as parents to act upon it if needed, and to fight these battles on our knees. Thank you for sharing these uncomfortable words with us, moms, but so necessary!
    God bless you!

    1. Thank you Nidia! Yes, pornography is a powerful weapon indeed–and a sneaky one. We must stay vigilant as parents — in prayer and in knowing what is going on in the world of our kids/teens! 🙂 Thank you for commenting. aloha-