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  1. This was such an amazing chat to listen to. My little boy is only 9 but I got so many ideas and words of wisdom from listening. I loved her take on dating and leaving these young women better because of knowing my son. I’m also actually looking forward to these teenage years now – you both gave so much hope. Honestly the thing I fear the most is dealing with the pornography issue. It’s just everywhere and I worry for my son’s heart and mind. I’d love to hear another conversation with you and Krista!

  2. I really enjoyed hearing this episode and was encouraged to hear that moms and boys can have healthy and uncomplicated relationships. My boys are still young but I see how impressionable they are and how their peers Have a huge influence On them. I am praying that they would stay strong in their faith and choose friends that would Have a positive impact on their lives. Thank you for your wonderful tips and your Positive experience!

  3. My son just turned 13…I love when I see moments of him being independent and making decisions on his own. It’s fun to watch him grow and mature in the big and little things!

  4. Great sharing! Loved the insights and so many great reminders. Will take with me the tips on courtship.

    maybe someone else will use this – Instead of a whiteboard, we use a Google calendar for the family (teens) with everyone’s schedule. It keeps us organized. So essential.

  5. Sarah Cullen says:

    My favorite thing about having teenagers (I have 2!) is seeing them embrace their own interests and discover the world around them while still wanting the closeness and security of our family. So amazing to watch them becoming young adults!