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  1. Hi Monica,
    I cannot remember which recent podcast it was when old time movies were mentioned, but wanted to share that over the last few months we have now watched “Escape to Witch Mountain” (1976), “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (~1956), “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (~1950ish), “Swiss Family Robinson” (original version) and of course, Star Wars in chronological order. The old Disney movies are actually really good and tell good stories…and without the crude language and sexual content so prevalent in today’s movies. My boys are 12 and almost 15 and it’s been a great way to spend family time, exploring these old-timey movies! Our next one is going to be the 1916 “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, which apparently is the very first movie to be filmed underwater! And for the record, I am not a “movie” person 🙂
    Books though…our house LOVES books! The Billy and Blaze books are fantastic. For probably 9-13 year olds, we really enjoyed Jeff Probst’s books (yes, of Survivor) 3-book “Stranded” series. For cookbooks, the Sesame Street “C is for Cooking” book is awesome and has great easy recipes. We still cook out of it! DK publishers has a great book called “Children Just Like Me”. When our kids were young, we would go through it and just read different parts of the pages to the boys. It has great pictures and information about kids and how they live from all over the world.
    I could go on and on about books…but I will take a break here and wish you and your family a happy 4th of July!
    Beth LaFleur
    PS-I always listen to your podcasts via the link in the email but have not figured out where the 5 starts are to rate it…

    1. Tbanks so much Beth!! Love your suggestions and adding them to our list! 🙂
      And I’m pretty sure you can only leave ratings on your phone app for podcasts. (It’s still a bit confusing to me! haha) But thanks for trying!! xo

  2. I am so careful in the sun now but I was not as a young lady. I was a sun worshiper and tanning bed queen. Now I wear long sleeves, sunscreen all over and a hat. My skin is medium so I can burn and then tan. As much as I prefer my skin darker it is just not worth the risk. This episode was so fun! I always enjoy your chats with Wendy. I feel like you two are kindred spirits. Already adding some of the elementary books to my amazon cart. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Alison Lyall says:

    We looove the surface anti-chafe stuck! Would love to try all the sunscreen? We have skin that burns a little and then tans. But we always wear sunscreen. I always struggle to find a sunscreen that doesn’t make me break out.

  4. Fabulous episode as usual, Monica! I can’t tell you how much of a blessing you are to my mama heart! So life-giving! Xoxo
    I would say my skin type is light, as is my family. We live in a desert so we are careful about too much sun exposure, wearing protective gear(hats, sunglasses, rash guards, etc) and sunscreen with solid ingredients. Because of where we live, (and how much time we spend outside😆) we usually have a base tan and don’t burn especially easily. I would Love to give surface a try! 😉 ☀️

  5. Jessica Pyykkonen says:

    I enjoyed this weeks episode and loved adding some books to my “must read” list. I wanted to add that the other books in the “Jotham’s Journey” series are really great too. Our family has read all 5 of them. 4 of them are Advent Books (Jotham, Bartholomew, Tabitha, and Ishtar) and the 5th is Amon’s Adventure: A Family Easter Story. All of them are available on Amazon. I highly recommend them and my boys do too. We read them as a family and from the preschooler to the high schooler, as well as my husband and I, we have all enjoyed them (and the grand parents too that have visited during Advent).

    Our family doesn’t burn easily, and we live in WI… so ya know we don’t have a lot of opportunity to burn lol! But I know that sunscreen is important and we should use it, but we don’t very often. My moisturizer has sunscreen so I am the only one that gets any protection at all.

  6. I am pretty careful in the sun. I love to find the best sunscreen that stays on well, rubs in easily and does not have a white residue. Sunbum is my new favorite but I love learning about other safe and effective ones. I always put sunscreen on my kids and myself when we are going to beach, pool, or just out in direct sunlight for a bit. I have pretty good skin that doesn’t burn too easily but as I’ve gotten older I notice I have to be more careful.

  7. Amanda Stratton says:

    Hi Monica! I loved this episode so much. Thanks to you and Wendy for sharing so many wonderful books – my amazon cart is full! I am excited about your sunscreen giveaway – my skin type is light in the winter and medium in the summer. We live in Michigan so there isn’t much sun for a good part of the year! The first couple days of spring I wear sunscreen, but then after that I stop. I try to absorb as much natural vitamin d as I can! I do not burn easily.

  8. Christina says:

    Hi Monica! I have light skin and tan easily, but usually burn if I don’t wear sunscreen. Melanoma runs in my family- my great grandma, grandma, and now my mom has had early stage and of skin cancer. So I am worried about it, naturally. I am way more careful about wearing sunscreen now than I ever have been! And also with my boys! Thank you so much for your wisdom and sharing your love for Jesus!

  9. Leonora Found says:

    Firstly – what a divine listen!! The biggest down is that I was taking a ‘mom break’ on my bike in the woods and couldn’t take notes… so very grateful for Show Notes. Thank you for being so thorough and detailed and to both you and Wendy for sharing your love of reading and books that are enriching and character building. Amazon Prime delivery will be with me tomorrow and I feel inspired to read some more to my 12 year old who still loves me reading to him. 👍🏻

    Monica, your family are absolutely not too old to watch Swiss Family Robinson (the original). My 20 year old would watch it again. It ranks as one of our best movies! We don’t watch a lot of movies ourselves, but one that did come to mind on my ride, was MacFarland USA. It’s a true story and has such a strong message of overcoming obstacles. Being a ‘sporting’ movie, I think your family would enjoy it. Thanks again to both you and Wendy.

  10. I love your podcast! I look forward to the new one each Tues morning. Thank you!!!
    Thank you for the sunscreen reminder. I often forget.

    1. Thank you so much Leigh!! That makes me so happy. 🙂

  11. Monica- question for you- for the Surface sunscreen- do you use the sheer touch, dry touch, zinc/mineral based or CBD infused products? Just wondering which product is the best to start with. Thank you!

    1. Hey Holly, great question!! Hard for me to choose since I use them all. 🙂 I love the sheer touch because it goes on so smooth and silky, however the zinc based products are really good for coverage (so my husband prefers I use those for best protection.) The CBD are newer so I haven’t used as much, but my folks love them! 🙂 I also love the spray because I try to re-screen my back and hard to reach areas and hate to always have to ask other people. 🙂 Not sure if that helps much! You might have to try a couple!! (My boys use the stick sunscreen for their face which stays on really well in the water!)

  12. I have fair skin and burn easily. I can’t wait to try Surface sunscreen to see how it works. And to see how it smells! Lol.
    We apply sunscreen regularly, but we still burn. It might help if we didn’t use expired sunscreen! Lol. Thank you for letting us know about this product.

  13. Christina says:

    My boys all have their grandfathers Greek skin so they don’t burn…but that makes it east for me to forget about sunscreen. 🤦‍♀️