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  1. Amy Waymack says:

    My son is 10. I am a single mom but his dad is a wonderful father. My son has gotten to the point I don’t think he respects me. He will back talk, be rude, give me mean looks, and when upset can say hurtful things to try and upset me. I do my best to stay calm. Yesterday I had him do some exercises as a consequence for being disrespectful infront of a lot of people so when we got home I had taken his phone and to get it back I told him he was going to do up downs. Kind of like a burpee. As he was trying to get me to pick a different consequence and when I would say no he would get mad and say something rude and I would add 5. He ended up at 100 before he decided to calm down. He got so worked up I sent him to his room. He was continually saying things and I could not even talk to him so I just didn’t talk until he was calm. I was proud of myself for staying calm and ignoring what he was saying and I was so proud of him for calming down and getting the up downs done and then we talked about respect. But what is your advice for disrespect from your son. He did only does this to me.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Amy. Sounds like you’re working hard and I know it’s not easy. The two places I share the best advice for discipline are in my new book, Raising Amazing, and in my Character Training Course (find a like to it on my home page — doors will open again this summer.) All the best to you as you keep up the efforts!

  2. Carla Hanes says:

    What a helpful podcast. Thank you for practical tips in discipline.

  3. “Control is not the goal – the goal is teaching …” (around 12:57) – golden nugget right there … just wrote it down and needed to hear this … thanks!