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  1. Loved Jonah’s reading tips. I would love my sons to subscribe to a podcast by Jonah!!!!

    1. Hello,

      I’m loving your podcasts. Hearing from your boys is a true delight!👍 In this pc, Jonah offers some real great book titles.

      There seems to be real involvement in their voices They’re tuned in, engaged, They’re open to you and aren’t uncomfortable being identified as “not your typical teenager”

      Really, love their participation, laughter and openness… 💞

      Raising a Son of Faith,
      has proved difficult to us. We have an only son, 18, who is bright, demonstrates kindness in some areas, is interested in cars, firearms, welding but has no motivation to work toward attaining those goals. He has also rejected our authority for many years and has now chosen to move out with a friend’s family. He was hschooled till the 8th grade, attended a tech HS from which he was kicked out for poor grades. He recently tried taking the driver’s written test again, but failed by a few questions. He got a job in the summer doing landscaping but was let go some week’s later for poor job performance.

      When we visited his school guidance councelor, she confided he suffers from poor self esteem.

      He is stobborn and so unprepared to make it on his own right now.

      Since he’s moved out the 1st week of Sept, he’s come home to help out a little around the house. He looks haggard and has lost weight.

      We have prayed and continue to pray Abba will kerp him and not allow this world ways to sift him like wheat.

      Please offer some direction. We really need it!

      Shalom and Aloha!