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  1. I loved this podcast episode. I do have a question for Sandra. My son was diagnosed with Down syndrome via amniocentesis at about 3 months gestational. He was just born last week and his diagnosis has been confirmed. How do we go about telling his brother that is 6yrs old he has Down syndrome? He is just a baby right now so it doesn’t matter but I know the day will come that he notices something is different. Thank you!

    1. Hi Karla! Thank you for the comment and I am so glad this episode was encouraging to you. Congrats on your new baby!!! I’m praying for you in this time of transition! I’ll pass your comment on to Sandra and hopefully she can comment her. But you are also welcome to reach out to her on her website. I know you’ll find lots of encouragement over there as well! XO Big hugs–

    2. Hi Karla! Praising God with you for your new baby! Congratulations! At this stage, you can teach your older son about the differences just like you do other differences in God’s creation (like skin colors, hair colors, and heights). At his age, he isn’t making judgments about differences (like that they are good or bad). He’s just noticing them and curious. As he grows older, you can answer his questions honestly with the information he’s able to understand at his age. I like to compare it to the “birds and the bees” talk. We don’t give 6 year olds all the details we would give when they are 12 or 14. We answer their questions to the best of our ability and even say “I don’t know” if it’s a big question, like “Will my brother live with me someday?” I have a webinar about the stages siblings go through that would hopefully be helpful for you. Here’s the link: