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  1. Love this; thanks. I’ve been all turned up-side-down since having a baby nearly 9 months ago, and time with God isn’t so easy to come by (time for anything isn’t). Thanks for your suggestions.

    Sorry, I feel like I’ve commented on heaps of your posts tonight… just one thing leading to another… love your writing, tho.

    1. never EVER apologize for commenting! It makes my day. When my boys were little someone reminded me that sometimes the most “devotional” thing we can do is just be walking with God through the day, in all we do. It’s not so much about “having to” read the Bible, etc…Sing songs of praise and maybe keep a notecard w/ Scripture on it near you. You might find yourself feeling more filled with his Spirit then than allotting 15 minutes to “devotions” and then forgetting about it! haha. (preaching to myself here! ) Aloha!

  2. Yay for more vlogs! 😀 I’ve had this one bookmarked for a while and just got around to viewing/reading it. Thank you for sharing how you go about devoting time to the Lord and growing spiritually! The journal idea is one that I’ve heard about, but was kinda like, “So… what do I do with it?” I like your varied approach to it, and I think I’m gonna try it out!

    Also, thank you for the reminder that it’s not about rushing to the milestones or checking the “Read a bit o’ Bible today” box (guilty!). I find that singing and praying to Him on the way to work is a huge help when it comes to my outlook on the day (funny how that happens, huh?). You’ve reminded me that time management is important, and that some extra purposefulness in setting aside a chunk of time every day is doable, even for a person as involved as you are. 🙂 Thank you, Monica!

  3. Thanks for posting on this topic. I feel that, at least in my life, it’s not always easy to bring up the topic of spirituality outside of my circle of church friends, so I am trying to change that. I need to work more on doing daily personal time with God. Right now I am active at church and every Wednesday morning I attend a really spectacular Bible study at church led by our rector and regularly attended by some of the most incredible people I have ever met. I feel like I am growing spiritually, emotionally, and even academically as our rector includes viewpoints from different theologians regarding the scripture we are reading. It’s a wonderful group which I will miss when we break for the summer! That will be a good time to work on personal time with God.

  4. OK that top picture makes my heart so happy – Levi is getting so big, but he looks like a baby again up there! And I’m loving Morning & Evening from Spurgeon. It’s just so beautifully written!

    I think my biggest struggle right now is time management, and I’m planning on waking up earlier like you do starting next week. It makes such a difference in my day!

  5. I “religiously” make news years resolutions/other plans to be better at set aside official time with God. But alas, I started a bible study in January that sadly I am still in week one of.

    However, I always have music on (oddly enough, it’s quiet in here, hang on, ahh much better). I find that singing always is a way for me to connect with God. I marvel at song writers lyrics. And I am in awe of how God always seems to send the perfect song just when I need it most. Last november my church family suffered a really hard loss and I found then and still do now, that I got a lot of healing from certain songs, so much so that I grouped them together into a playlist and when my heart is hurting I can just press play.

  6. Prayer/Bible reading journaling is one of my favorite things to do! I started being more consistent about it a few years ago and have really noticed a difference. I read through ‘Morning & Evening’ by Charles Spurgeon and also use the SheReadsTruth devotionals. Right now, I make time during my son’s first nap of the day. I really want to start waking up before he does so I can be in a better frame of mind once he’s up. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your vlog, loved watching it.

  7. Pat Kinsman says:

    That was a great video. Spending time each day with the Lord takes incredible discipline so great job Monica. I love Sarah Young’s devotional and even though I have done it for years it always speaks to me in a different way each time. The real challenge is to spend time with God in the morning before I grab my iPad ……thanks for being such a great example to young moms Monica.

  8. PS The I-phone video worked great! The quality was fantastic. Maybe quick i-phone videos are a time saver for you and they still let you share with us!

  9. I like to pray and talk to God early in the morning when I am out walking my dogs. I also try to read a devotional- Jesus Calling right now, but I need consistency!