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  1. I am finally catching up with this! Love the dynamic between you two. I had a hysterectomy in my early 30s but kept my ovaries and I find this a little stressful as I don’t have that visible sign to let me know where I’m at in my menopause journey. I got blood tests done last year to at least have a base line. As I have a history of blood clots, I was told I couldn’t use HRT when I get to that stage, like Dave said. I used to get bad PMS so I do worry about the potential effects of menopause on my mood! Running helps a lot so I’ll keep that up as long as I can.

    1. oh yes, interesting how many factors there are that affect things! Sorry for your complicated situation. I think you’re wise to just stay on top of things, exercise, and deal with things as the time comes. I know a few women who for the short term took low-dose anti-depressants and it really helped. You’ll handle it all well, I am certain! 🙂
      Thanks for sharing and thank you for the kind words on the video–these have been “challenging” haha, but we have had fun!

  2. Hi Monica and Dave! You guys are too cute together. I wanted to mention a big area that hasn’t been addressed yet.and that’s anti-depressants. I tried HRT but it made me naseus. My OB/GYN prescribed a low dose antidepressant (brand name Serafem) that is used specifically for perimenopause anxiety, anger, mood swings, and hot flashes. Apparently, antidepressants control serotonin in the brain which in turn elevates estrogen in the body. Scientists aren’t exactly sure how this mechanism works, but it is a successful and safe drug to treat perimenoupase and menopause symtoms. And yes, Dave, it passed the gold standard! 🙂 It has definitely helped me! Just one more tool for your arsenal and talks. Thanks so much for your videos!

    1. One more comment on this, you only take it for 2 weeks each month, so you are not taking it all month long.

    2. Awesome, Nancy!! Thank you so much for sharing! That is super helpful. I think Dave actually touched on anti-depressants in the first of the 2 hormones videos, as we discussed hormones effect on the brain (maybe I’m wrong, but pretty sure! :)) But yes, this is an important option and SO glad you mentioned! I’m WIDE open to whatever is most helpful when my time comes, haha, so thank you! Much aloha! XO

  3. Kendra Cook says:

    I work at a lab in McMinnville, and we test hormones through dried urine. Goes along with what you’re talking about here! You should check it out. Dutchtest.com

    1. Now that is something I’ve never heard of!… 🙂 Do you do this for a specific issue–like women’s health or what is the objective? Thanks for sharing!

    2. I spent the money on the Dutch Test and thought it was worth every penny. It’s irresponsible to do any kind of hormone replacement therapy without knowing what your hormone levels actually are.

  4. Annette A. says:

    Thanks again, you two! These are all super good for me…as I have a few years to go but just want to be ready. Looking forward to future topics in this series!

  5. Well done again, guys! 😉 I have been on low-dose estrogen (due to increasing hot flashes and mood swings I didn’t want to make my family live with!) and they have helped SO much! My doctor plans to only have me on the hormones for a short time, and I am really glad we did it. My quality of life matters too much at this season! 🙂 Keep the chats coming!

    1. Melissa–thanks for sharing your experience. That is super good to hear. I agree- these years are super important and we need to be our best selves for our families now! I’m so happy that they have found estrogen not to be all bad after all…I’ll definitely be open to it! 😉 Thanks for commenting!

  6. Carrie L. says:

    This is super helpful…I too have a lot of girlfriends trying different things as they inch closer to menopause and it just makes me uncomfortable to randomly try something that could affect me so much! I will take Dr. Dave’s advice and see my doctor and try to walk through this next season the best I can! Thanks guys–I really love these videos!

    1. Thanks Carrie! So glad these are helpful to you! Yes, your doctor may even be fine with some over-the counter treatments, but definitely run them by him/her first! Keep me posted! 🙂 Much aloha-