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  1. Elizabeth says:

    A very timely message indeed! Thank you for sharing! I will be joining you in the challenge to take every thought captive. <3

  2. Fantastic! Thanks so much, Monica, this is exactly what we need to remind ourselves of on a regular basis. About a year ago I had a huge fight with my then 20 year old son (still living at home and studying) and the fight and things that were said made me feel like I had absolutely no idea how to be his mom even though if you’d asked me the day before I would have told you I was an amazing but far from perfect mom. For a week I didn’t know how to even talk to him until I finally reminded myself that although I was still far from perfect I had done a damn good job up to that point and God has made me the way I am and has given him to me to parent, so God too must have thought I would be a good parent for Ben. Once I got that stuck back in my head I was good to go again. There have been more parenting victories and failures since then and no doubt will be more, but we’re doing our best and trying really hard to ensure that’s the best for Ben and his 17yo brother, and thank goodness I can pray for wisdom and supernatural insight into the things the “kids” think they can hide from us!
    Thanks so much for your blog, it’s the only one I read on a regular basis. By the way, I love hearing your voice every so often but am seldom able to have the sound on on my computer so I far prefer to read the blogs myself. That’s also the reason I don’t get to watch nearly as many of your podcasts as I would like to.

  3. I’m so looking forward to the rest of this series!! It’s exactly what I’ve needed for years! I am also reading Boymom, and can’t get enough of all the relatable advice. I have 3 sons, ages 9, 6, and 22 months so I’m in the heart of needing it. Thanks so much Monica, for sharing your heart and helping so many Moms (parents) I’m more ways than you’ll ever know!

  4. Hi Monica, I just read both of your posts on, “what a Mom needs”. Wow did this ever water a parched land in my soul. I ran across your web page one day maybe a year ago, quite by accident….with God there are no accidents right! I started to explore your site and could so relate. I have 6 children ages 8-17 which I homeschool, the first 4 are boys (my last little guy I will meet on the way to heaven one day) then I had my 2 girls. Maybe I related to you also having 4 boys, and to boot I have always desired to holiday, possibly live in Hawaii. Oh and I’m 50 years young as well. And I always wanted to be a stay home Mom and Wife. Not because I saw that at home in my young years, but because I did not have that( I grew up in a single parent home. My Mom did the very best that she could) and as I grew up, I saw the need for a child to have the constant presence of a parent at home.
    Soooooo……..after feeling so excited to read your posts on, “what a Mom needs”. I grabbed my coffee and stole away to a quiet place where my kids couldn’t find me….I deliciously read your heart. I can so relate to what you wrote, on so many levels. Isn’t that neat how God made us to all be able to relate in some way or other to one another. My next thought was……Monica, will you write a Bible study on this topic and have a email/facebook group to do this together? I really think this would be a great topic to share personally with other women that are at the same place in life. I was made aware by the Holy Spirit that I need to work in the area replacing truth with lies….and thinking about what I’m thinking about will help me with that. I am just so thankful for what you wrote and recognizing that I am not alone on this Mama, Wife, Friend, Sister, Female journey. Looking forward to walking with you through this time of life.