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  1. Patty Tacklind says:

    hey monica! it was so nice to meet you last night. and i’m grateful we got to talk about blogging and health and fitness too. i’m so early in my own journey with those things that it all feels like it’s swirling around and i don’t know where it will land. it feels like maybe you’ve been put in my path as a guide for a while here. : ) i bought your book today and look forward to reading it! thanks for making the world better. it’s inspiring! love, patty (jeff’s wife from roger’s reading last night!)

    1. Patty!! Wow, what a blessing. Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my site! I knew right away that you and I had a lot in common, and I’d love to encourage you in your journey. I just loved meeting all of you and felt so happy to be a part of that night! Keep me posted please and don’t hesitate to reach out on things. Much aloha-

      1. Patty Tacklind says:

        thank you! i definitely hope our paths continue to cross : ) i will for sure reach out! thanks monica.
        love, patty

  2. Oh boy is this right on time. I have a vacation planned this coming month and I love the food choices of the location we are visiting. We all decided to only ‘eat out’ for one meal a day – Lunch. That means a light breakfast and dinner should help us maintain our current weight (given 2 lbs or so). At least I hope.

    1. Sounds like a great plan!! 🙂 Love it. Way to be “mindful.” 🙂

  3. Yes! I totally understand! It is hard focusing, and seeing changes is amazing! Biggest challenge for me is to say no when food is offered. I end up feeling eeall the regrets afterwards! 😂
    But I like the idea of taking your own snacks! 👍

  4. I think I told you already that my name is Shannon, not Jane… 🙂

    Seriously, thank you for the pep talk! We are headed to San Francisco in a few days and I needed this. I have identified which regional deliciousness I am truly looking forward to enjoying (Chinatown and Boudins soup in a sour dough bread bowl) and feel confident I can keep on track the rest of the meals.
    Here’s hoping all of the walking and hills balance out the indulgences!

    I hope you are able to enjoy some spring break adventures! Heck, even if you aren’t traveling, you have the best staycation in the world just down the hill!

    1. Haha, thank you Jane–I mean, Shannon. 😉 Yay for San Fran!! I love that city–I hope you have the best time ever. Enjoy and report back later, k? Much love and happy travels! xo