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  1. I watched Sadies video and I am SO READY for freedom from my eating disorder!!! I currently am unable to buy your book online because of complications, so I would be sooooooo greatly if you would send me a free copy!!

  2. I totally didn’t know you were on Jamie Ivey’s podcast! I’m going to have to look that up! That’s pretty exciting. I love the book as well. I think one of the best reasons is that it combats the scarcity mentality I deal with in different areas of my life every day. I’m going to have to look in my kindle to read it over again.

  3. I’m finally ready to really do this!

  4. Andria G. says:

    For some reason I am struggling with self-image right now. I have always struggled a bit, but it’s constantly on my mind right now. I have gained about 2-4 pounds and it’s really eating at me. I’ve known about your book for a few years now and would love to read through it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been skinny my whole life…until I hit about 38 and had my last child. I’m struggling with being heavier than I’ve ever been, but I refuse to do fad diets. I know that balance and freedom is key, but I could use a little help.

    1. Thanks Monica. I’m a long time follower or your blog…l and I don’t even have kiddos, but I love your energy and positivity. I admit I haven’t stopped by i whiles, but I found the bookmark and here I am again.

      I bought your book along time ago as well.. I’m going to reread! I’ve fallen into some laziness and it’s time to recommit.

      Thanks for all the time you give. What an evolution from the early days!

      1. Hey Julie!! SO happy you are here, and I hope you feel absolutely at home here. I pray my book is an encouragement to you. Always feel free to reach out if you need anything! Much aloha-

  6. This month i have gone to a Zumba class twice. I’ve found its exercise am excited about as the music really gets everyone in class going and a good way to build up a sweat! Also, i plan to get a full length mirror (we only have counter top ones in our bathrooms and I am not seeing where I put my weight on). I was visiting my brother this week and noticed his mirrors in his house were a reminder to me when i walked by that yes, I do need to do something to lose my extra weight.

  7. I’ve finally been able to get on an excercise routine and stick to it long term! Even if it’s just 20 minutes a day! 😆 Hey, as long as it works long term, is effective, and besides, who has more than 20 minutes to workout with 4 kids under 10??! 😊

  8. I wanted to write something cute and inspiring about how I’ve had a aha moment with weightloss, but the honest truth is I’m just struggling. I’m so tired of dad diets and far eating habits, but the reality is I’m nearly 40 lbs overweight and inching towards the obese category. I need a change, not just for myself, but my beautiful daughters as well. There getting into their pre-teen years and the last thing I want is for them to have a mom obsessed with her weight. I also don’t want them to have an unhealthy mom either.

  9. Just getting started on this book now and I am very hopeful I’ll have a success story at the end of this journey. 😊 If fortunate enough to win a copy or two, I plan to share them with a couple friends who have struggled with weight loss/body images for a long time.

  10. I’ve learned that less sugar, wheat and carbs makes me feel better. I’ve learned that this is a lifestyle I need to follow long term to feel my best!

  11. Katie Ray says:

    I’d absolutely treasure a hard copy of this book. This book on my kindle continues to teach me, remind me how to renew my mind and eat intentionally. And it’s definitely a journey. I am so thankful for Monica’s encouragement!

  12. I would love to get the book for my mum. She is constantly on a diet of some form or another and yet has no idea what a healthy eating plan really is. She is always looking for a sugar fix and just doesn’t get that food is fuel for our bodies. I love chocolate as much as the next person but I’m at a loss as to what would work for my mum.

  13. I honestly think I am at the lowest point (mentally) and the highest weight I have ever been. I just can’t seem to find a way to start losing it.

  14. How true this is in my life. Studying with you about life changes really drew me back to what was important and the impact it has made in my life. I have so enjoyed our friendship and Thank you Monica for your positive outlook on life and how we all can benefit from letting things go!! Btw I lost 9 more pounds and am loving my life!

  15. struggling in getting back on the bandwagon of healthy living; better eating habits (big time self-control issue), and making exercise a daily part of my natural existence! For some reason, getting more exercise when my babies (all boys; now 8,10,12) were little was easier – I don’t get it! ugh! love all you have to say and offer up. can’t wait for the podcast!!!!

  16. Just absolutely fed up with my weight- no pun intended!

  17. Candice Stansell says:

    Oh my how this post has spoken to me. I have followed many people on social media to try to get in with their health plan but there is just something that doesn’t fit. I am not ready or even want to just do 30 day plans. I am hoping that I win the book and get excited about being healthy instead of being imprisoned with all the guilt of it.

  18. I had struggled with my weight my entire life. I finally got healthy in my 30s. (I’ll be 50 next year). However my daughter is a type 1 diabetic and insulin resistance is no bueno for a teenager. It’s always nice to hear encouragement and perspective from someone other than Mom. Albeit she does listen to me. 😉I think this could really help her. I am sure I would get a lot out of it as well. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  19. I am sooo tired of carrying all this extra weight! It’s holding me back from really experiencing life, especially with my family. I’m missing out on activities with my very active boys and as they get older, the worse it becomes. I would love to read your book and see how you changed your mindset. I’m all in!

    1. One of the blessings I got from reading her book was how important you are! Not anyone else. Learning to give up control and allowing yourself to be free is an awesome experience. You must ask yourself “why” why do I eat? When you can answer why then you will find peace. I was a stress eater. I had to learn my triggers and once I did I lost weight. I’m down almost 80 pounds in about 9 months. You can be free!

  20. I recommend your book all the time! I seriously carry it around in my purse so I can be reminded of truth in hard moments. I am starting to notice a difference in my thoughts about my body–as in, I’m having less of them! I am growing in my ability to embrace the way God crafted my body and to love myself well through my thoughts and actions. I’ve also become an avid runner, which was a lifelong dream of mine, and your book helped make that happen for me!

  21. I have the kindle version of your book, but I would love a paperback copy. It’s a great little book. I think I’m going to read through it again this summer!

  22. I’ve struggled for years!! Full hysterectomy in 2002 at 33. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism and then Hashimotos in 2004, and weight has been an issue forever!! Help!!

  23. Love this! I’ve followed along for about two years and never realized you wrote this book! I’ve been working really hard to repair my gut the last two years and am ready to rebuild the outside. This book and mind-set are such a blessing in a world full on fake-beauty.

  24. Gained 20 lbs this year and having a hard time prioritizing me time to work on it!

  25. Struggled with my weight all my life. Battled eating disorder. Now i am in m 40’s and have Hashimotos. I struggle to not gain more weight.

  26. I just can’t change! I’m desperate to be healthy again but I can’t keep it up for a day let alone long enough to see or feel any improvement. Please help!

  27. Sara Mirtaheri says:

    I sure hope it is my summer to loose it all. I have come to the realization that I have a trigger forvwhy I eat. I discovered it was due to my relationship with my family. Not my husband and son but my mother and sisters. I am learning that I don’t need their approval anymore. I have grown so much this past year and I’m excited at the possibilities that lie ahead. I would love to read your book. I just turned 50 and need to get this weight off once and for all. I love you and hope you are enjoying your summer.

  28. Have a love hate relationship with food these days. Unfortunately my sweet tooth seems to win and it is showing. Have tried many things but seems to be a constant losing battle. Would love some reinforcement.

  29. I have had issues with my body since 10 years old. I still struggle with this, though not nearly as bad as i did in my early 20s. I’m working hard right now on changing my focus, and would love a copy of your book to help!

  30. I’ve gained about 30 pounds in the past five years. I’ve had my gall bladder removed. My cholesterol is through the roof. I have no energy and have been depressed about my self image for a long, long time. Would love to change and need positive motivation. Thanks so much for your post today. It came at a really good time.

  31. Tanya Hoover says:

    I am currently working on attacking yeast in the body and eliminating all (most) sugars from my diet…. so happy to say I lost 5 pounds within two weeks! Now, I need to figure out how to keep it off….that is where I struggle….

  32. I’ll amdit, I’m interested but skeptical because I’ve bought most of those diet plans and books and programs. But you have my attention.
    The first time my biological mother told me I was fat was at less than 3 years of age. I don’t say that as an accusation or an excuse, but rather context. I’ll be 50in a few short months and at my second heaviest adult weight after thinking I had finally achieved a lifestyle and a weight that I could be comfortable with. It took me over a year to get there and I maintained for 2 years and over the last 2 years gradually lost ground and then some. I believe weight gain or the lack of weight loss to be emotional and cerebral as much as physical but try as I might to say “I’m a good woman with a good life and I do my best and accept my body”, I’m tired and discouraged and won’t even buy clothes that fit me and look nice because I am so embarrassed.
    I enjoy the wisdom you share and ma comp,Evelyn curious about your amazingly titled book.

  33. I have twins and a singleton and have never lost all the baby weight I’ve wanted to- my youngest is 10! Would love to read this book and stop dieting and obsessing!!

  34. Laura Henkel says:

    I have struggled with my weight since I was in my teens. Now in my 40’s and diagnosed with a Hypothyroidism, its even harder. I do eat fairly healthy, need to get back to exercising regularly.
    I am excited to read this book and hear about your journey.

  35. This sentence above just rocked my world: You carry a burden of extra weight that is both physical and mental. I hardly have time these days to read anything outside of what I need to for work or family but when I glanced at this email and saw that statement, something about it resonated with me.

    The past few years have been so heavy with worry, work, stress, health issues for my husband and taking care of everyone but myself that the pounds have crept up on me. I always thought that with just a little bit of focus and a few more steps in the day I could get back on track but the reality is that the mental weight that I carry these days is making it so hard to even figure out first steps. I wake up every morning saying “today’s the day to make a change” and yet I’m having a really challenging time figuring out my path forward. I’d love to learn more about what changed for you.

  36. I would love to read your book! I will actually order it next week! I have gained 15 pounds since last summer and I had gained 5 prior to that. I have finally lost 5, but now I’m stuck. I’m in a terrible cycle that I can’t seem to break. I don’t have the energy to exercise, I don’t eat terrible. I started a “health” product over a year ago. There are claims of people that have lost pounds and inches and I can’t lose a pound. I’m looking for a new solution to try that doesn’t take a lot of time. I look forward to reading your book!

  37. Hi Monica, I really enjoy your blog. I’m interested in your book also 😊 I love to get out into nature and exercise, but what I struggle with is eating well with a family, trying to get the kids on board with healthier choices and not cooking the same old stuff to keep the peace. Cooking different meals for all is just too much of a drag! Your friend from New Zealand 🇳🇿

  38. Rebekah Riggs says:

    I didn’t always struggle with my weight but after dealing with some anxiety last year, the weight just keeps piling on. I’d love to learn a different way to deal with it.

  39. Hi! I have been struggling with weight most of my adult life…add 2 kids and a recent medication addition and I’ve put on weight instead of maintaining as I had been. Soooo frustrating! And it definitely plays games with your head…if I could just be thinner I could do/be this…
    Anyhow, your book sounds freeing and that in itself would be worth its purchase.
    Thank you for posting about this.

  40. I struggle to lose weight – I have a big belly ( mostly upper) and I have a muffin stomach due a C-section.

    I really need to get self disciplined and get some self control into place. I do not like my body as it is today.

    help please Monica.

  41. I would LOVE to read this book and learn a new lifestyle of eating. I loathe all the new fad diets that require an insane amount of exclusions and prep work and would love to change my lifestyle so I no longer am cutting out one thing this month and another next month!

    1. I hear you!! I feel the same way, and yet the diet industry still thrives…it’s really crazy once you step outside of it and see it for what it is. I truly believe my book will resonate with you! 🙂

  42. I never thought I had weight or eating issues until I “woke up” last fall, 40 pounds over my ideal weight. None of my clothes fit anymore. Part of what got my attention is that I learned that not only does my mom have diabetes, but ALL of her six siblings and her mother did too! I did lose some weight since then and feel so much better, but maintaining is hard. I have a 22yr daughter who is an emotional eater. She is a beautiful girl, but doesn’t see herself that way. This subject can be so touchy when talking with her. I would really like to read this book with her so we both could feel the freedom you are talking about.
    I don’t know how I stumbled onto your blog, but I enjoy your positivity and encouragement!!

    1. Thank you so much, Celinda! Yes, I’ve had some health wake-up calls in my 40’s too (funny how it just hits you all at once! :0) I would love to see you and your daughter read my book together and find freedom and a healthier life…Please do keep me posted! Aloha

  43. Kate Gurney says:

    I love food! I love eating it, and trying new recipes. I am on an (East) Indian Food kick right now. I have never really been able to eat healthy and exercise at the same time. It has always been one or the other. Then recently I have learned that while excercise is important, it is the quantity and not eating more than what your body needs, listening to your body queues when to eat and how much you need to eat, coupled with whole real foods and good fats that make the difference. You would think that because I know this, I should just follow it, but I still struggle with snacking and sweets. I would love to have this book to help me break through this wall. Thank you for the opportunity to have the chance to receive your book!!!

  44. I have always struggled with my weight. I have tried so many diets. I have a new obstacle, menopause. When I turned 50 my body has under gone a lot of changes. Menopause has definitely been a huge one in my effort to lose weight. I can’t seem to get this weight to come off. I really need some help. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and they have helped me with out my son as well with other topics.

    1. Thank you so much Laurie! I truly hope the book is helpful. Thank you for your kind words and I wish you all the best!! aloha-

  45. I am intrigued! After 4, babies in the past few years, it’s been has to bounce back so many times. I am planning on finding time to read this very soon! Thanks!!

  46. I joined your blog as a mom trying to find encouragement and clues into the secret world of boys. I am a mom of three young men who is navigating the waters of tweens and teens. It is a scary path, but I love reading your insights and advice. In the process of these babies I lost a gall bladder, mended a hernia and gained 45 plus pounds. I need help

    1. Ahhh, thank you for commenting! 🙂 So happy you are a part of my blog community…We are all on this crazy journey and we all seem to have battle wounds in one way or another. 🙂 I hope so much that my book might be helpful to where you are now. Either way, keep me posted and again–so glad you’re here! aloha-

  47. Jennifer Rawles says:

    I feel as though I am stuck at my current weight. I had to go through early menopause do to health isses but now i cant get ride of the weight. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  48. The book sounds like it would be a good read. I can wait to read it.

  49. EJ Winslow says:

    My journey has been a roller coaster for as long as I can remember, beginning all the way back in High school when I was a cheerleader and had to be a certain weight. In college I chose not to try out for the cheer team because I did not want to lose and try to keep off 10 additional pounds that were necessary to even be considered for the squad.
    I gain and lost weight throughout college, even becoming an aerobics instructor so I would be forced to exercise at least 2 hours a day because I was getting paid to do so.
    Fast forward through marriage, 3 kids and 22 years. I am mostly a stay at home mom with a personal training certification and every other fitness certification you can imagine. All the exercise and knowledge and time in the gym have not helped me keep off the pounds that have continued to creep up each year. My family history of diabetes scares me but so far, not enough to apply all the nutritional advice I have given my clients through the years.
    That brings me to today, approaching my 44th birthday next week and sadly looking at my summer wardrobe, wishing I could wear all the cute things that fit me 10 pounds ago.
    My oldest son is graduation from high school this month and starting the amazing adventure of college. I think back to the year I started college and all the destructive eating/exercising habits I formed those years. I would like to make a fresh start and form new habits that will be more sustainable then the yo yo diet plans I have attempted over the last 22 years.

    1. Oh bless you EJ…I hear you. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You have so many years ahead, I hope and pray you can have a new story to tell…From what you are telling me, I am confident my book could make the difference. Please keep in touch! 😉 Aloha-

  50. I have tried just about every D around and exercised myself to death. I eat when I am stressed and feeling alone, and my weight always creeps back up. Right now I am miserably at my highest. The thought of deprivation and sweat is not motivating me. It’s been a difficult year with many converging challenges. I’d love to read your book and find some hope and motivation.

    1. Thank you, Deb, for sharing that. You are not alone–it can be such a tough (and lonely) journey. I truly believe my book can help. I hope you’ll keep in touch if you read it! aloha-

  51. Sarah McKee says:

    So excited to hopefully win and read your book. Once I turned 40, I put on a few pounds a year and I just don’t feel good about myself anymore. I would love to get out of this battle and feel free and good again.

  52. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I would love a copy of your book. Unless I’m dieting, then I’m gaining weight. It is a constant battle.

    1. Sorry Diane–That is a terrible feeling. I hope my book can help!! Much aloha-

  53. This book as been in my amazon cart for over a year. I keep hesitating to buy bc I’ve thought “nothing works for me- not even whatever this is.” Maybe if it just shows up in my mail…

    1. haha, thank you M. 😉 And you’re name is definitely in the drawing. But if it’s been in your cart for over a year…That might be a sign you should just GET IT!! haha… Blessings to you. (and I do believe this would work for you if you were ready for real change!) aloha

  54. Terri porter says:

    I have been struggling with this issue my entire life. I went to weight watchers 2 years ago and lost 60 pounds. Then spent the following year gaining it all back and now feel fatter. I am very frustrated. I’m starting to meditate hoping that might help. I don’t know what issues I have that are behind this problem that I can’t seem to get under control 😞

  55. Hi there, over the past couple of weeks something deep in my mind has been rumbling around. I am a emotional eater, I was brought up that way. And I have struggled with this my whole life(40 years ish) I dream of eating a juicy burger, and then have to go get one, and then I eat it and feel guilty, cause I wasn’t really hungry per se. And lately it has come to my understanding, in a deep way, that I don’t listen to my belly to tell me when to eat, I listen to my emotions and they dictate what I eat. I am coming to realize that allowing my brain to dictate what I eat, is not the way God created me to eat. Yesterday morning I was scouring the internet looking for other women who have struggled as I have, and have found victory over emotional eating. I am on a new journey Monica, and this morning tears came to my eyes as I realized that your post that I opened today was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for listening to the Lord in sharing your story, at this exact time. The Lord is using your story, to change my story. Blessings to you and yours.

  56. This would be great! I am doing this with alcohol, too. More of a struggle than my weight. I never diet. I am at my best when I don’t think about food, only doing the pleasurable outdoor activities that keep me moving ( and coincidentally, in shape) 🙂

    So I would love to have your book!

  57. Katie Washburn says:

    From the moment I wake, I have a nagging feeling that I must workout…if I don’t get to it that day, I feel just awful.

  58. I would love to read your book. After my fourth child was born I had some severe medical complications (postpartum preeclampsia) that left me on medications for blood pressure and anxiety. The medicine has helped my health but I have gained so much weight since starting the medicine. I need to take back my life. I have always been an athlete and I just want to return to my old self.

  59. I was feeling really proud of my efforts to gain muscle/strength though 18 months of exercise! Then I took out my summer clothes…why are they so tight?! They fit last fall!! I know what I eat is the key and I feel it’s time to tackle this once and for all.

  60. I have struggled with diet/food relations ever since leaving the competition world. Either I’m obsessive with my nutrition & workout regimen & lean but unhappy — or completely lax with all & finding myself 20 pounds overweight and still unhappy. I would SO love to just not have to think about food and my weight anymore. Cannot wait to read your book!!!

  61. I’ve found a number of plans that work for me… for about 11 days… that seems to be the length of time I can pour my all into learning something new before “life” gets in the way. My weight has always been a bit of struggle, but nothing like it’s been since spending the summer with a baby in the NICU and three boys at home three years ago. I just haven’t managed to get back on track since then. I’d love to find a way to do so and still manage with the four kids (17, 14, 6 & 3) and my home & family responsibilities.

  62. I think I’ve been on a diet my entire life! I feel like I say “I’ll be good tomorrow” after binging on doughnuts or French fries! 🤦🏻‍♀️
    After two babies I still have 15 pounds to go to reach my “goal” weight. I live a moderately healthy life and crossfit 3x weekly, yet my life is consumed with timing of meals, macros, micros, snacks, grams, etc. This takes so much brain power! I’d love to have that extra time and attention for LIVING! Can’t wait to read this book!!

  63. I was heavy from puberty to 30. I realized God didn’t make any food “bad” & perhaps I was just eating too much of it. I cut my portions in half and decided that IF I was still hungry after the half was gone I could have more. In the last 10 years I cannot count on one hand when I was hungry after that half portion was gone. Having said that, I still struggle with those last few pounds. I’d love to read your book

  64. I want to stop thinking about food all the time. It is a constant is this good (enough) or should I just give in? This book could bring balance back.

  65. How perfect- I need encouragement to take care of me! Thank you Monica!

  66. I have to admit there is a part of me that says . . . not another book about weight loss! What could it possibly say that i have not already read or tried over the past few years. I haven’t had my breakthrough in the world of weight loss. I have tried so many different options and nothing has stuck with me for the long haul. However, I have not completely lost hope and I am still willing to try if there is something out there that will help turn the constant struggle into a victory. Perhaps this book would be that and I would be so grateful to finally find a strategy that could make all the difference. I have followed your blog for a long time and you have always provided great wisdom and insight so I look forward to your giving your book a try!


    I have been struggling with my weight for many years. I would get depressed looking at my weight eberytime i got on a scale or looking at myself in the mirror. I have tried all kinds of diets; excercise; bought a home gym; got memberships at gym; attempted to follow steps by steps instructions; drink lemon and ginger teas on empty stomach; ate salads for lunch and dinner; took out all carbs and sugars. I have to admit that I lost some weight, but the weight was not coming off fast enough for me so I would give up or as soon as I would start adding back carbs or sugar, I would gain double what I had lost. I would begin a diet, stress became overwhelming, diet out the door since I would fetch comfort foods/high in carbs, high in sugar. I am going to be 44 in a month, I have two kids and I feel the weight of the world on me; thus, struggling to find time and motivation to start excercising again and start eating clean. Thanks Monica for sharing your experiences as it comfort me to know that I am not alone in my struggles

  68. Katherine De Haan says:

    I would love to read this book! My weight has been a struggle since having my 2 boys and a subsequent hysterectomy at 34 years old. I lose some weightafter intense focus on food and exercise but then life gets too busy and the priority of myself in the scheme of things drops and it sneaks back up again. I hope this book will give me insight into the mindset I need and keys to get there!
    As a MOB too (from Australia) I love reading your blog and Facebook posts. They are always positive and inspiring and often prompt me to talk to my boys about something you have mentioned and keeping an open dialogue between us. Thank you! You are a blessing.

    1. Thank you Katherine for all of that! I do hope the book is an encouragement to you. I really hope to get to visit Australia before too long (book tour? 🙂 ) so keep in touch, who knows if we might meet in person one day! Much aloha–

  69. Gina Finn says:

    I too have been on a diet my whole life! I feel like I’ve lost and gained the same 20 pounds more times than I can count. Currently it seems to have found me yet again! I’m anxious to read your book to see if it can help me once and for all reach and maintain my goal weight! Thanks Monica! Love reading your posts. I too have 4 boys and live at baseball tournaments like you live at surf competitions. At least your boys come home clean!😂😂

    1. Thanks Gina! I hope so much that my book might help! Blessings to you and your baseball/boy life! (And there’s a lot of sand that comes home with my boys, trust me! :)) Keep me posted…aloha

  70. It used to be fairly easy for me to shed a couple of pounds here and there. I’ve now had 5 kids (the last two were twins), and I am now 42 years old. No matter how hard and often I work out and cut calories, I can’t loose a SINGLE POUND. The weight just keeps slowly creeping on. I definitely feel like giving up.

    1. Ah, thanks for commenting KB…And any mom of twins deserves to have all her dreams come true, haha! 🙂 Sorry for your frustration, and I do hope the book is helpful! Please keep me posted! aloha-

  71. I never really had a problem with my weight til i hit 40. Now I’ve got nothing but problem! So frustrated. Nothing seems to work anymore.

  72. Jennifer Wiser says:

    For as long as I remember I’ve been dieting. Every plan and many paid (and expensive) programs – I’ve lost and relost the same 30 lbs more times than I can count. I’m not happy with my body image, but I love my life. I want to just stop obsessing about everything and just be able to eat normal balanced amounts – enjoy everything God has given me – food and exercise- in moderation and be a healthy weight. At 42, I need this. I would love to win, and if not, I’m quite sure I will buy this – I’m looking forward to reading it. Here’s to a brighter and lighter future.

  73. I’d be so excited to win! I’ve started trying to find food freedom, but a lot of time it ends in “i don’t know what to eat”

  74. Just from your blog posts I have made a concise change in habits and lost 11 pounds. I would love a chance to read the book and lose the rest. Thanks for the motivation!

    1. Wow! I LOVE hearing that! Way to go!! Sorry I need to post that the giveaway ended but I hope you are able to get the book. It will only confirm what you are currently doing! I’m so excited for you. Please keep in touch!! Aloha-

  75. This needs to be my summer to lose the extra 20 pounds I’ve carried around since becoming a mom. I have three boys I want to be a good example to and have the energy to keep up. All I think about is how miserable I feel, even in moments that I should only be feeling joy! It is sick. My self talk affects every day and I am tired of it!

  76. i just bought the book. Excited to read your wisdom and make a new way of thinking!

  77. As a mother to boys, I enjoy reading your blog posts as I find them so useful for my husband and I when raising our children. Would love to read your book.

  78. I’ve been reading your posts about mindset re: weight, exercise, etc. and they’ve been so perfect for me. I literally decided to try my own thing in terms of eating healthy and exercise after years of doing everyone else’s diet and exercise plans and I can’t even tell you how happy I’ve been with this new approach. I’m running in the morning just because I enjoy it. ( In the past I made it into a thing – I never ran far enough, fast enough, etc.- no wonder it felt like a chore!) Anyway, I wanted to thank you for all you are doing; I’m looking forward to reading your book! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for commenting Jennie! I LOVE hearing that from you. That is so awesome!! Isn’t it a completely different thing to run for yourself and not to meet some expectation? I know exactly what you mean! I appreciate your words, thank you for taking the time to share! I hope the book further solidifies what you’re already up to! 🙂 Aloha-

  79. I’m always grateful for such fresh perspective 💗 Thank you for the opportunity to receive your Kindle book;)

  80. Gosh, I’ve never been skinny. Moving here, everyone is so fit and there aren’t rumblings from people coming out of the house from the winter hide in biting at the bit to lose weight. So now I’ve started walking, and my daughters’ started running. We made a fit challenge to sign up for a 5K race this September. That’s our motivation. It’s working for my girls, now I just have to look for that mobile app that takes you from Couch to 5K, lol!~

    1. Good for you! So happy to hear it’s a family affair! 🙂 Keep it up and keep me posted! xo

  81. I’ve struggled with body image and my weight since I was in middle school. Now being a wife and soon-to-be mother, I am still struggling with the same issues. I did lose weight last summer/early fall and then I found out I was pregnant…and while I’ve not gained a ridiculous amount of weight since then, I do know it’s going to be a mental and physical struggle to be healthy and “get my body back” after baby arrives. I know that it’s one day at a time, but it’s always been so hard.

  82. I have been able to lose weight in the past with diet and exercise, but those successes came at the price of obsessing over every calorie and every workout. I obsessed over any situation where I encountered food, especially social occasions where I wasn’t in complete control of my food choices. And whatever positive results I experienced were short lived. The weight always came back, and then some. It was agonizing and exhausting and robbed me of the freedom you are describing that you found for yourself 14 years ago. Most recently I have given up on being at a healthy weight and it has taken it’s toll on my self esteem and my confidence, not to mention my body. I know full well that the issue for me is my relationship with food. And I am incredibly hard on myself when I “fail” at another diet, so I can’t bring myself to start one. I need a need perspective and maybe your book can help me find it. Your such a positive and inspiring person, it gives me hope. Thank you!

    1. Debbie–Thank you SO much for sharing your honest story…You are absolutely not alone, and I wrote my book for YOU. Really, in the book I speak to every part of your story. Just grab it and get started! I know you can do this!! 🙂 XOXO

  83. Shelly Smith says:

    Would love to read your book! Thank you for the chance!!

  84. Struggling with consistency!

  85. I’ve been eyeing this book the few times its popped into my feed and well, I would love freedom! To be myself to relax about weight and food and just be healthy. That sounds so refreshing. Can’t wait to read.

  86. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. The only time I really felt that it was under control I was in high school, eating next to nothing and working out 2 hours a day. Fast forward to 2 pregnancies that became high risk because of my blood pressure. We would love to have another child but If I’m really honest with myself, I won’t consider it until I feel healthy. Now I am trying to get to a place where blood pressure and weight are no longer issues. After a few months of work I am down to my weight before kids and really trying to change my relationship with food. One of my biggest hurdles in the past was forgiving myself for bad eating days. It was all or nothing- cheating meant I was quitting. I am trying to retrain my brain and allow myself some grace!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Lora. In the book I speak directly to that whole thing of “all or nothing” and how we speak to ourselves, and even how to handle it when we eat poorly. I hope you’ll read it and get many breakthroughs to support you in your journey. I truly feel your pain and care so much…This is hard stuff to deal with but I believe there is hope!! 🙂 XO

  87. sounds interesting and I can always use a new perspective in food and daily living! I really enjoy your posts!

  88. I am interested and intrigued and could use a new perspective!

  89. After having four kids and four c sections in less than 5 years my body was/is a hot mess. I’ve got the original download of your book and I’ve been using it with the Trim Healthy Mama plan – it’s a great combo! Your book is helping me overhaul my whole thought process – thank you. Down 15lbs so far!!!

    1. That is such great news Margaux!! Thank you for sharing, and so happy for you! Much aloha-

  90. I’d love a boost onto the path of being a better version of myself! Thanks for the positive words and giveaway!

  91. Thanks so much Monica!
    I’ve heard people say that it’s so hard to keep up with an exercise routine over summer with the kids off but I think not having to take them to school will allow me to create better habits this summer. Then I can carry those habits to the rest of the year.

  92. Thank you for sharing your success. I get excited when I check my email and see you have a new post up. I’d love to read your book! Congrats.

  93. Struggling with body image. Wanting to be fit, have energy and a more positive outlook in general.

    1. Thank you for sharing…I’m sorry but I do have hope for you!! Much aloha and don’t give up. 🙂 XO

  94. Leigh Helton says:

    I would love a copy of your book. I was an athlete many moons ago in high school and I don’t think I have ever adjusted to my more sedentary adult life (sitting at a desk all day). I have tried diets and supplements (some healthy some probably not so much) but nothing works long term. I think I am in the “normalized” group now. I just accepted where I am. But, maybe that’s just not good enough. I want to feel healthy and have energy again!!!

  95. Monica – I’m not going to lie, how many times have I heard “I’ve got the life changing secret to controlling your weight!”? But I’ve been following your blog long enough to know that I trust your judgment. I don’t read as much as I used to (I’m a writer and I spend as much time as possible on that side of books now) but I am going to carve out some time for you: a woman I’ve never actually met but have come to respect and trust as a friend. I’ll let you know what I think (as a reader, not a writer!) Here goes!

  96. I don’t do diets. I love food, and I know it. But, I need to get healthier. I have Hashimoto’s Disease (thyroid disorder) and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Both of these make it incredibly difficult to keep weight off the middle and keep the cholesterol down. My cholesterol has been high since I was knee high, and I am too young to take a statin. I do exercise, but it’s not enough, especially with a job that involves lots of sitting. I am intrigued by your book and hope that I can win a copy. I will “borrow” my son’s Kindle and read it right away!

  97. I’ve struggled with weight my whole adult life (I’ve 51) but it has been a tougher road since I had my thyroid removed 3 years ago. The doctors and I have been trying to find the right balance of meds to keep it under control as my weight continued to climb. 3 months ago a new doctor finally tried a new med (for me) and I am finally seeing progress having lost 25 pounds. I have a long, long weigh to go but finally feel that I am on the right track.

    1. Sara Mirtaheri says:

      Well, I missed the deadline for the 12 th, but I’m getting ready to buy your book. I will tell you I have struggled my entire life with weight issues. At 5 years old I lost my father and began my journey to weighty island life. I was an island standing alone in the midst of food chaos. Do you know that feeling? It is isolation from others and the only thing you can turn to is a bag of chips.

      When I married I discovered I needed to change my mind set. It worked on and off for years. I was normal and over weight. Today, I discovered this truth…. When you allow the word diet to change you mentally than you are on a path of same old same old. If you just put your beautiful self in Gods control than the word diet is replaced with a good meal plan. I no longer use the word diet. I am on a weightless journey and I’m loving it. I will read and respond to your book shortly.

      I’m that stubborn Kindergarten teacher that relays on your expertise in raising God loving boys. Now heading to First grade.
      Congratulations!!!!!!! Keep going!

      1. Oh bless you!! I hope you love the book. It sounds like it will be right in line with the direction you’re going. I do hope it offers a lot of support and encouragement!! Keep it up. Bless you and thank you! aloha–monica

  98. After seeing your bathing suit photograph…the answer is YES this is the summer to lose weight! Very inspired!!

    1. haha, thank you Carlita! I nearly didn’t post that but my husband suggested I should. 🙂 You’re sweet! (and as I emphasize in the book, “healthy” look different for everyone…) ALoha-

  99. I’m tired of thinking about what I should and shouldn’t eat! I would love to read your book.

  100. I would love to learn more about getting my food thoughts under control.

  101. Still struggling but I have read the book and it makes so much sense. My problem is not having the patience for my body to respond. I keep slipping back into taking control. Even though it doesn’t work. I long to be free. I refuse to give up. There is no condemnation in Christ.

    1. Amen, and I am so proud of you Paige! I know you’re gonna have victory! Much love-