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  1. Glad you included this in your series as it has been on my mind lately. I struggle to open up conversations with my son, but I think you’re right–you just have to do it. It’s not that bad once you talk, I don’t know why I hesitate so often. I want my son to be strong and independent. Showing him your video with your son for sure. That was SO inspirational. Love the message!! Thanks

  2. Truly important. I know that I was affected by peer pressure and I hate to even think how it could one day affect my kids (They are younger now.) Thank you for the reminder to just talk about things!!

  3. This is so so important, thank you for covering it! It’s true, I see parts of my son changing as he hangs out with other kids. It’s like he’s morphing to become like them and it makes me sad. I think this is a great conversation. Love this series, thank you!